What Are the Latest Art Stories in the UK?

This lists some of the latest pieces of news about collections exhibitions in the UK this year. Do not miss out!

ArtIn 2015 the New Art West Midlands are going to showcase works of art that include amazing sculptures, photographs, performances, films and many other aspects and areas of art. All of the artists that will be displaying their work there will have just graduated from a West Midlands course and it will have been over the past three years. Make sure not to miss!

Contemporary Art In Britain Transformed in 2 Decades Says The Tate!

The place for contemporary art in Britain has been completely transformed in the past 20 years. This is because The Plus Tate network offers 18 institutions that are all cultural and offer snapshots of dynamic and creative technology. They also plan to expand the network in 2015.

Each and every year contemporary art in Britain attracts over three point five billion visitors per year. Over five hundred staff are employed by the Tate and each and every year they turnover around thirty three million GBP in revenue from visitors. The director of the Tate gallery said that because of the imagination of artists that have contributed to the gallery, people from all around the world have been attracted to go and see the works of art featured there.

A Top Syrian Artist Denied entrance To The UK… For His Own Art Exhibition!

UK art news is always going to be interesting, but this news story is like no other. In fact it it is absurd and terrible news for the man involved. Mr Thaier Helal, a very famous Syrian artist is very renowned for his art work that uses neo expressions, was not allowed to gain entrance into the UK by the Home Office. On the 22nd of January he is holding an exhibition at the Ayyam gallery on New Bond Street and was not allowed to gain entrance for his own show! He is forty-seven years of age and was able to send off references and the like. He included a letter from the University of Sharjah where he currently works as a teacher of art. They have said that he has been granted visas in the past, although at the moment they are not going to permit him entrance to the UK! They felt that he may not leave after the visa expired and therefore decided to rule out issuing one. Naturally, he is very dismayed at their decision and of course, to others it may seem ridiculous because of course someone that has an exhibition should be able to go to it and present their works of art to onlookers!

He believes that because of his Syrian passport and the fact that the country are currently in wars, the UK home office thought that he may be a refugee that would want to stay in the country. He has proof of earnings; proof of employment and was also able to provide proof of return tickets. It is sadly not the first time that this has happened because other Syrian artists have been denied entrance into the UK too.

Is Google Spoiling Art as We Know it?

This is a news story that may surprise you, some artists may think that Google is not a good thing for art; some may agree that it is. However, one thing that remains certain is that Google is able to offer a range of pictures to be showcased to artists and that can demonstrate both good and of course bad examples of art work. It helps to be able to show to people that want to copy pieces of art work that have been painted by some of the best artists out there. It also helps to demonstrate to people some of the bad pieces of art that are available and how to not follow the same direction as the artists that are behind their creations. Overall though, being able to access the web and search for artwork online is opening up the minds of artists and art students alike!


Irelands Most Visited Places

If you are planning on taking a trip to Ireland then you will not be disappointed when it comes to tourism and scenic beauty because the country has several points of interest and this article contains just a few of them! The Cliffs of Moher, The Aran Isalnds, and Newgrange are all some of the top visited places in the country. That is not forgetting the place that Guinness stores their produce in the city of Dublin. Here are just a few for you to checkout.

The Boyne Valley

County Meath that has some of the most documented areas of importance when it comes to history in Ireland. It has actually been selected as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The site displays an array of ancient graves that can be dated back to being as old as both the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and Stonehenge in England. It was founded about 5000 years ago and is a very well-known prehistoric site.

What Event Takes Places Each Year At The Boyne Valley?

Each winter on the twenty first of December an event takes place there that cannot be missed, The name? Winter Solstice, which is the shortest day of the year out of all 365 days. On this very day those that travel there are able to see the area get lit up by a very narrow beam of light that comes from the sun. It shines into the area from a roof box that has been especially designed. Anyone that has taken the time to visit the area on that day has described it as a phenomenon. Perhaps one of the other fascinating things about the area is that no one knows just when the tomb was built, moreover, why it was, but the stones that were transported to the site are a miracle known to man! The area was constructed even before the wheel was invented. It almost got lost at one point in history because it was sunk to the ground for a remarkable four thousand years. It was then found once again in the year of 1699 when some workers were carrying stones for the person that owned the land. It was then that the entrance was rediscovered, they thought that it was a cave and left it. It was not until the year of 1962 that it was investigated fully by archaeologists that had great knowledge and it was restored to its former state. There is are visitors centre located there and there is also a guide offering a tour of the site.

Where Can You Access Boyne Valley From?

Today, access to the areas starts at a visitor centre, from where you can take a guided tour of the site. There is also an area there called the Hill of Tara that has a lot of ancient monuments, like the fort of the kings, and the stone of destiny. It has been referred to as the actual seat of the high Kings of Ireland. Not far from there is the ancient site where the Battle of Boyne took place.

Next Up Is the Ring of Kerry. This is where you will find a range of romantic castles, gardens, towns, and villages that are full of colour and scenery like no others. The area has been featured on the TV, on postcards, in films and in songs and poetry. Not surprising really, because a simple visit to the area will leave you dumbstruck by its beauty. There are also many beaches that are located there that look as if they have been paused in time and are left untouched by man!

What Are The Cliffs of Moher?

The Cliffs of Moher, They are a five-mile stretch of rocky cliffs that continue for an impressive five miles, and they are over seven hundred and two feet above the water level of the Atlantic Ocean. You will be able track up there and stand to overlook areas like Galway Bay, The Aran Islands, The Maum Turk Mountains, and the Twelve Pins. Loads of people have gone to the area in order to catch a glimpse of the views that are on offer there. In fact, over a million people go there each and every year to get a look at the amazing views on offer to people.

So, there you have it some of the best places in Ireland to visit, and if the attractions that are listed in this article do not interest you, then there are a lot of others that will. Ireland is full of places to visit.