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Current online articles:

The collision of things: Andrew Duggan in interview with Karlyn De Jongh (uploaded 4 Nov 2010)
Tim Maul interview with Maud Cotter, 2010 (uploaded 12 Aug 2010)
Peripheral Vision (uploaded 6 Aug 2010)
Towards a discursive polylogue of Chinese and Western contemporary art criticism (uploaded 17 Jun 2010)
Dorm - opening night, The Model, Sligo, 1 May 2010 (uploaded 7 May 2010)
Consumerism and its competitors - a Dublin sojourn (or, The last city-break of the noughties) (uploaded 29 Jan 2010)
Ronnie Hughes in conversation with Hilary Murray (uploaded 23 Dec 2009)
Slavka Sverakova and Dougal McKenzie: an e-mail conversation, October/ November 2009 (uploaded 18 Dec 2009)
Slavka Sverakova interviews Stephen Conlin by e-mail (uploaded 17 Nov 2009)
Triskel developments (uploaded 11 Nov 2009)
Core rituals: reflections on the video and sculptural installation of Lucia Barnes (uploaded 5 Nov 2009)
The Politics of the centre (uploaded 28 Oct 2009)
Eco-friendly (uploaded 25 Sep 2009)
Slavka Sverakova interviews Mark McGreevy by e-mail (2008 / 2009) (uploaded 23 Sep 2009)
On Takahiro Suzuki's IKIRO: Noah's Ark, ArtTrail 08, Cork, September - October 2008 (uploaded 12 Aug 2009)
On the beach - a letter from Nice (uploaded 31 Jul 2009)
Irishness (uploaded 17 Jul 2009)
N2O Vendor (uploaded 13 Jul 2009)
Is that your dog? – a Biennale romance (uploaded 16 Jun 2009)
Shaun Gladwell in interview, Venice Biennale 2009 (uploaded 10 Jun 2009)
Slavka Sverakova interviews Samantha McKee by e-mail (uploaded 29 May 2009)
Why Rancière? Why not? (uploaded 13 May 2009)
The Space in between (uploaded 9 Apr 2009)
Prayer for the potato crop (uploaded 2 Apr 2009)
Siobhán Tattan in conversation with Ciara Finnegan (uploaded 30 Mar 2009)
Student Unions and art students - a report (uploaded 6 Mar 2009)
Something rotten in the state of Denmark? An analysis of the Canon of Danish Art and Culture (uploaded 4 Mar 2009)
Slavka Sverakova and Sinéad O'Donnell: A story of performance 2008 (uploaded 25 Feb 2009)
The art of Elizabeth Cope: an interpretation (uploaded 5 Feb 2009)
First past the Post-Colonial (uploaded 19 Nov 2008)
Talking Turk (uploaded 31 Oct 2008)
The spectacle of expectation in public (uploaded 15 Oct 2008)
Travels into urban landscape: the implications of visual culture, public space and the city (uploaded 29 Sep 2008)
Notes on Yellow, a durational performance by Amanda Coogan (uploaded 4 Sep 2008)
If I were you I wouldn’t start from here – ‘The way things go’ (uploaded 19 May 2008)
Slavka Sverakova interviews Sharon Kelly by email, February – April 2008 (uploaded 13 May 2008)
Making a meal of sculpture (uploaded 13 May 2008)
Slavka Sverakova interviews Aisling O’Beirn by e-mail February 2008 (uploaded 13 May 2008)
Cultural territory reclaimed - the RUA 2008 (uploaded 7 Mar 2008)
Culture's capital (uploaded 5 Mar 2008)
Slavka Sverakova interviews Chris Wilson by e-mail, February 2008 (uploaded 22 Feb 2008)
Slavka Sverakova in conversation by e-mail with Susan Connolly (uploaded 19 Feb 2008)
Inspired by human curiosity: an interview with Priscila Fernandes conducted by Niall de Buitléar (uploaded 7 Jan 2008)
ARES 2006 (uploaded 21 Dec 2007)
Slavka Sverakova interviews Danny McCarthy by e-mail (uploaded 20 Dec 2007)
In advance of the Crawford Open (uploaded 28 Nov 2007)
An interview with Amanda Coogan conducted by Jessica Foley, February 2007 (uploaded 9 Nov 2007)
Nalini Malani in conversation with Jennie Guy (uploaded 27 Sep 2007)
An interview with Nina Canell and Robin Watkins conducted by e-mail (uploaded 19 Jul 2007)
An e-mail conversation between Slavka Sverakova and Craig Staff, May 2007 (uploaded 18 Jul 2007)
Fiona Larkin in conversation with Slavka Sverakova (uploaded 1 Jun 2007)
Global enterprise: Gerard Byrne and Willie Doherty at the 2007 Venice Biennale (uploaded 1 Jun 2007)
The gender gap revisited (uploaded 1 Jun 2007)
Joanna Karolini: The bath is hot (uploaded 1 Jun 2007)
The Fine Art of Submission (uploaded 26 Mar 2007)
On Susan MacWilliam's Dermo optics (2006) and Explaining magic to Mercer (2005) (uploaded 16 Mar 2007)
Ronnie Hughes in conversation with Slavka Sverakova after his show, Synthesis, at Sligo Art Gallery, August - October 2006 (uploaded 26 Jan 2007)
Martina Corry: Drawing with light (uploaded 20 Dec 2006)
A conversation with Kate Byrne (uploaded 8 May 2006)
The enchanting world of Gabriele Leidloff: Imaging the unseen in between science and art (uploaded 16 Mar 2006)
Cycle of seventeen poems by Don Byrne, inspired by a Christopher Harrington photograph (uploaded 10 Oct 2005)
Interview: Tadhg McGrath, showing in the Irish Film Institute, Dublin, 19 April - 31 May 2005 (uploaded 25 May 2005)
Project: Fiona Larkin: Tesco opera (uploaded 1 Mar 2005)
Where are the Museums...? (uploaded 20 Dec 2004)
Portland, Oregon; The place to go to for Time Based Art (uploaded 6 Dec 2004)
Reflections (interview with Mary Burke) (uploaded 3 Dec 2004)
The Shape of Home from Home(sickness) (uploaded 11 Oct 2004)
A tribute to John Hunt (1957 - 2004) (uploaded 4 Oct 2004)
Globalisation, Cultural Baggage and the Critical Direction of Irish Art Practice (uploaded 15 Sep 2004)
Questions on curating: Valerie Connor (uploaded 6 Sep 2004)
Questions on curating: Cliodhna Shaffrey (uploaded 6 Sep 2004)
Questions on curating: Grant Watson (uploaded 6 Sep 2004)
Summer 2004 - Dislocate, Renegotiate and Flow - Part II: The Practice of Process (uploaded 1 Jun 2004)
A different kind of practice - an interview between Katie Holten and Regina Gleeson (uploaded 28 May 2004)
A different kind of practice - an interview between Katie Holten and Regina Gleeson (uploaded 28 May 2004)
Dislocate, renegotiate and flow: globalisation's impact on art practice (uploaded 1 Mar 2004)
Drawn to fabric: the art of Michael Brennand-Wood (uploaded 2 Dec 2003)
The State of Irish Art History (uploaded 1 Dec 2003)
Retelling history from lost sources (uploaded 1 Dec 2003)
The collector and thewomaniser (uploaded 13 Oct 2003)
Paul Graham: The Troubles (uploaded 1 Sep 2003)
Outside the box (uploaded 11 Jul 2003)
Louis le Brocquy's A Family: 'An unwholesome and satanic distortion of natural beauty' (uploaded 16 Jan 2003)
Un Identity (uploaded 26 Sep 2002)

Online articles generally deal with visual-arts- or visual-culture-related events in Ireland, though they can be broader as long as they are relevant to CIRCA's general remit.

We welcome submissions of online articles. They will be placed on our website if they are satisfy the above criteria, are recent, and are of magazine standard. Note that texts are expected to develop a critical argument. Articles should not have appeared / be about to appear elsewhere, unless agreed with the editor.

We do not at the moment have funds to pay for online articles.

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