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CIRCA 1, November / December , 1981

Front cover

Editorial | Christopher Coppock, Anne Carlisle


Feature articles

Felim Egam interview | Micky Donnelly

Mother Ireland and the troubles: artist, model, reality | Belinda Loftus

Death in the Head | Alistair MacLennon

Where are the images? | Tom Paulin

Mona Lisa's sister: some thoughts on art history | Louis A. Muinzer


Irish living art | Deirdre O'Connell

Felim Egan | Anne Carlisle

Hibernian inscape

Karel Dudesek

Alistair Wilson | Micky Donnelly

Ian Robertson | Jack Pakenham

Tony Hill | Julian Watson

Royal Ulster Academy | Ann Davey Orr

John Carson

William Conor | Cathal Tohill

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CIRCA 2, January / February , 1982

Front cover

Editorial| Anne Davey Orr


Feature articles

The Polish link | Roland Miller, Jeroslava Sverakova

Aspects of drawing | Exhibition Statement

The invisible artist | Louis A. Muinzer

The city repealed | Stephen Conlin

John Aiken interview | Micky Donnelly


Graham Gingles | Jack Pakenham

Nevill Johnson | Anne Davey Orr

Paul O'Keefe | Jean Duncan

Kathleen Bower | Ann Davey Orr

Alistair MacLennan | Micky Donnelly

Carol Graham

Basil Blackshaw | Stefan Klima

New works of contemporary art and music - part I | Anne Carlisle

Aspects of drawing | Martyn Anglesea

Fergus Delargy | Deirdre O'Connell

Conrad Atkinson Picturing the System | Christopher Coppock

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CIRCA 3, March / April , 1982

Front cover

Editorial| David Boyd


Feature articles

A pluralist approach to school art | Anne Carlisle

Tony Rickaby interview | Christopher Coppock

Newcastle diary | Viv Burnside


British Sculpture in the 20th Century Part II: Symbol and Imagination 1951-1980 | Deirdre O'Connell

Tim Goulding | Jean Duncan

Willie Heron | Micky Donnelly

Brian Kennedy | Samuel Walsh

John Aiken | Micky Donnelly

Sean Scully | Roy Johnston

Alistair MacLennan | Jack Pakenham

Roy Johnston | Liam Kelly

Tony Rickaby | Ann Davey Orr

Live Performance | Micky Donnelly

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CIRCA 4, May / June , 1982

Front cover

Editorial| Micky Donnelly


Feature articles

Violence and painting in Northern Ireland | Joseph McWilliams

Some thoughts on architecture | William Kidd, David Speir, Robert McKinstry

Janet Pierce interview | Anne Davey Orr


Janet Pierce | Anne Carlisle

Kent Jones and Caroline Fellowes | Jack Pakenham

Nick Stewart | Deirdre O'Connell

Paul Sample | Cahill Tohill

Young Printmarkers | Peter Brooke

Cleveland Drawing Biennale | Louis A. Muinzer

Contemporary Irish Photography | Tony Knox

Bob Sloan | Deirdre O'Connell

Lynn Davis-Jones and Vivien Burnside | Dr. Slavka Sverakova

The Teaching of Art - The Roots of Self-Deception? | Anne Davey Orr

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CIRCA 5, July / August , 1982

Front cover

Deirdre O'Connell


Feature articles

Lofting it | Micky Donnelly

Carol Graham's photo realism | Brian Kennedy

Craigavon - the heart is missing | Victor Sloan
Gerry Burns


Stephen Conlin | Anne Davey Orr

Contemporary Relief Prints | Anne Davey Orr

Deborah Brown | Anne Davey Orr

Jannis Kounellis | Gerald V. Gleason

Mary P. O'Connor | Jill Nunn

James Coleman | Anne Carlisle

Patrick Collins | Louis A. Muinzer

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CIRCA 6, September / October, 1982

Front cover



Feature articles

Michael Martin - a personal account | Ross Wilson

Catherine McWilliams in conversation | Anne Davey Orr


Limerick Diploma Shows 1982 | Anne Carlisle

Fine Art Degree Shows Belfast 1982 | Jack Pakenham

Cork Diploma Shows 1982 | Hilary Pyle

Samuel Walsh | Paul M. O'Reilly

Hayward Annual 1982 - British Drawing | Deirdre O'Connell

Guinness Peat Aviation Exibition 1982 | Aidan Dunne

Limerick Artists '82 | Jill Nunn

Agam | Gerald V. Gleason

David Nash | Jill Nunn

Kit Edwardes | Simon Blanchard

M.A. Degree Shows Belfast 1982 | Brian J. Kennedy

Book: Burne-Jones Talking | Louis A. Muinzer

Book: Kjarval A Painter of Iceland | Louis A. Muinzer





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CIRCA 7, November / December , 1982

Front cover


Feature articles

12th International Sculpture Conference| Christopher Coppock

34th World Congress: International Association of Art Critics | Dr Slavka Sverakova

After a conversation with Danny McCarthy | Hilary Pyle


Seamus Heaney: A Personal Selection | Louis A. Muinzer

Cy Twombly | Stephen Snoddy

6th Exhibition of Visual Art | Jill Nunn

Phyllis Mahon | Anne Carlisle

Charles Harper | Hilary Pyle

Performance Art Platform | Nick Stewart

Aileen Mackeogh | Anne Carlisle

Steve Willats | Deirdre O'Connell

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CIRCA 8, January / February , 1983

Front cover

Editorial | Christopher Coppock


Feature articles

Brightening the place up? | Julian Watson

Loyalist wall paintings | Belinda Loftus

The open air gallery of political art Noel McGuigan

The painted message | Des Wilson

No murals here | Jackie Redpath


14th International Festival of Painting | Dr. Slavka Sverakova

8 Weeks/8 Works, A Season of Installations | Dr. Slavka Sverakova

Artist/Computers/Art | Brian J. Kennedy

Belltable Foursight | Samuel Walsh

Barry Flanagan | Deirdre O'Connell

Contemporary Irish Art Book Review | Anne Carlisle

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CIRCA 9, March / April, 1983

Front cover


Feature articles

China visits 1981 & 1982David Barker

Images of Poland 1982 | Roland Miller

Annaghmakerrig | Vivien Burnside


Zeitgeist | Breda Kennedy

Making Sense - Ten Painters 1963 - 1983 |
John Meany

Michael Cullen and Michael Mulcahy
| Hilary Pyle

An Artistic Conversation 1931 - 1982: Poland/USA
| Micky Donnelly

Nigel Rolfe
| Sean McCrum

Brendan Ellis | Belinda Loftus

Anthony Davies | David Brett

New Works - New Artists | Jill Nunn

Irish Exhibition of Living Art 1982 | Deirdre O'Connell


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CIRCA 10, May / June , 1983

Front cover

Editorial| Anne Carlisle


Feature articles

Expressionism Revamped | John Meany

Looking for the new Expressionists | Jill Nunn

Expression or communication | Anne Carlisle


Anne Carlisle | Roy Johnson

Roberta Graham | Micky Donnelly

Four Voice
| Silvano Levy

Prophecy and Vision | David Brett

Brian Bourke and Cristine Dean | Samuel Walsh

Tom Phillips
| Belinda Loftus

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CIRCA 11, July / August , 1983

Front cover

Introduction | Christopher Coppock


Feature articles

Nancy Holt interview | Micky Donnelly

Wide open spaces | Deirdre O'Connell

Independent? | Anne Carlisle


Sibeal Foyle | Julian Watson

Maud Cotter | Hilary Pyle

Steve Barraclough and Pierre Degen | Dr Slavka Sverakova

Marcus Patton | Louis Muinzer

Felim Egan
| John Meany

David Dummigan and Tony Corey
| David Brett

Dermot Seymour | Christopher Coppock

Kathe Kollwitz | Belinda Loftus

Richard Deacon | Micky Donnelly

Alistair Wilson | Deirdre O'Connell

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CIRCA 12, September / October , 1983

Front cover



Feature articles

Studios and workshops in the Republic of Ireland | John Meany

Residencies, studio and workshop facilities in Northern Ireland - a wider perspective Nicholas Stewart

Exhibiting opportunities in Northern Ireland | Deirdre O'Connell

Gallery and exhibition spaces in the Republic of Ireland | Nicola White

Open-submission exhibitions | Anne Carlisle



Robert Janz | Aileen MacKeogh

The Sculpture Show | Jill Nunn

Cat on the Bru | Julian Watson

M.A. Fine Art Exhibition | John Meany

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CIRCA 13, November / December , 1983

Front cover


Feature articles

Alistair MacLennan interview | Nicholas Stewart

Photography, art and politics: how the English make pictures of Northern Ireland's Troubles | Belinda Loftus

On the possibility of social realism |David Brett


G.P.A. 1983 | Joan Fowler

Paul Finnegan | Brian McAvera

E.V.A. 1983 - Limerick | Julian Watson

E.V.A. 1983 - Belfast
| Micky Donnelly

Figurative Image | John Meany

Lynne Davies-Jones
| Anne Carlisle

Aileen McKeogh and Helen Comerford | Jill Nunn

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CIRCA 14, January / February , 1984

Front cover

Editorial | Christopher Coppock


Feature articles

Art and independence - An aspect of twentieth century Irish art | Joan Fowler

Searching for the heart of saturday night | Dorothy Walker

The morning after the night before | Jill Nunn and Dorothy Walker

The invention of tradition | David Brett

Alanna O'Kelly, Barry Cooke and Cecily Brennan | In conversation with John Meany

R.H.A., Modernism and living art | Brian Kennedy

Two points of view | John Carson and Paddy Graham


Helen Chadwick | Micky Donnelly

Marc Camille Chaimowicz | Roland Miller

Vivienne Bogan | Aileen McKeogh

Neil Shawcross | Anne Carlisle

Three Days of Live Art
| Joan Fowler

Four Artists
| Aidan Dunne

Rita Donagh and Richard Hamilton | Belinda Loftus

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CIRCA 15, March / April , 1984

Front cover

Editorial | John Meany


Feature articles

Nationalism, history and interpretation of art | | Joan Fowler

The critic and the arts | Extracts from a lecture by Professor Denis Donoghue


David Crone | David Brett

Cover Story: Book Covers by the Women's Press | Deirdre O'Connell

Contemporary German Prints | Joan Fowler

Gwen O'Dowd | Aidan Dunne

Bridget Flannery | Jill Nunn

Micky Donnelly, Alfonso Monreal, Carolyn Mulholland
| Belinda Loftus

Joan Miro | Anne Carlisle

Paul Funge | John Meany

Jo Baer and Bruce Robbins | Micky Donnelly

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CIRCA 16, May / June , 1984

Front cover


Feature articles

Hot air, cold rooms, skeletons in the cupboard | Micky Donnelly

Waiting for a cue | Deirdre O'Connell

From the horse's mouth | Statements from 12 sculptors


Make Your Mark | Anne Carlisle

Sophie Aghajanian | Joan Fowler

4 Artists | Aidan Dunne

Susan Hiller | Nick Stewart

Ian Sutherland and Julie Kelleher
| Jill Nunn

Peter and Andrew Lanyon
| Jo Kelley

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CIRCA 17, July / August , 1984

Front cover


The condition of sculpture in Northern Ireland | Steve Hurst

Feature articles

International exhibitions - Quality or prestige? | Roland Miller

Activating activist art | Lucy R. Lippard

So different... and yet - Language and theatre in the work of James Coleman | Joan Fowler


Vivien Burnside | Anne Carlisle

Michael Cullen | Joan Fowler

Dorothy Cross | Aidan Dunne

Listowel Graphics Exhibition | Jill Nunn

Views from Ulster
| Deirdre O'Connell

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CIRCA 18, September / October , 1984

Front cover


Feature articles

The making of Rosc '84 (or the struggle to succeed) | Joan Fowler

Poetic eyeballs: Rosc '84 | Jill Nunn

International art and national identity | Roland Miller


NOVA | John Meany

Martin Parr - A Fair Day | Christopher Coppock

Irish Exhibition of living Art 1984 | Aidan Dunne

Performances IELA 1984 | Joan Fowler

Patrick Graham & Brian Maguire
| Micky Donnelly

Recession Pictures
| Nick Stewart

Claremorris Open 1984 | Deirdre O'Connell

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CIRCA 19, November / December, 1984

Front cover

Editorial | Joan Fowler


Feature articles

Richard Long - Lines of thought | In conversation with Nick Stewart

Art and the human environment | A Report by John Meany


Independent artists | Joan Fowler

TSWA | Roy Johnston

Hockney's Photographs
| John Meany

Francesco Clemente in Belfast
| Micky Donnelly

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CIRCA 20, January / February , 1985

Front cover


Feature articles

The aesthetic dimension reconsidered | Peter Fuller

Considering photography and other matters | David Brett

The object of sculpture | Don Prince


EVA '84 | Joan Fowler

New Sculpture | Micky Donnelly

10 Limerick Artists | Aidan Dunne

Roy Grayson | Anne Carlisle

Martin Folan | Deirdre O'Connell

Martin Wedge
| Peter Jordan

Colin Harrison | Joan Fowler

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CIRCA 21, March / April , 1985

Front cover


Feature articles

Beyond ethnic arts | Eddie Chambers

Patrick Ireland and the one way line of emigration | Joan Fowler

Style wars | David Craven

Creating a model? | Deirdre O'Connell

Some notes on hungarian and yugoslavian art activity | David Brett


Jo Kelley and Leo McCann | John Meany

New Artists New Works 2 | Deirdre O'Connell

Jim Buckley | Seamus Dunbar

Donald Houman | Joan Fowler

John Kelly | Luke Dodd


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CIRCA 22, May / June , 1985

Front cover

Feature articles

Language and criticism | Gerry Walker

Crisis in the arts and the artists: (illusion and reality) | Margaretta D'Arcy

Who is afraid of Aphra Behn? Women, arts, politics | Claire Hackett and Rose Anne McGreevy

Neil Shawcross | In conversation with Anne Carlisle

Bread and the rose | Robert Ballagh


Rita Duffy | Belinda Loftus

Lys Hansen | Anne Carlisle

Roy Johnson | David Brett

Ebrahim Ehrari | Deirdre O'Connell

Kerry Trengrove
| Nick Stewart

Louis Le Brocquy | Conor Joyce

Ben Hennessy | Peter Jordan

Nine New York Artists | Dr Slavka Sverakova

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CIRCA 23, July / August, 1985

Front cover


Feature articles

Bob Janz | in conversation with Joan Fowler

A sense of Australia | Mark Robinson

High and low, close and far, crude and refined, comic and serious. | James Thompson

Two streams of Jamaican art | Liz Waugh


Per Kirkeby | Jill Nunn

Alfred Cohen and Anthony Davies | Belinda Loftus

Micky Donnelly | Joan Fowler

Munch and the Workers | Louis A. Muinzer

Ross Wilson | Deirdre O'Connell

Images of God by Peter Fuller | Joan Fowler

Feminist Aesthetics ed. Gisela Ecker | Jennifer Fitzgerald


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CIRCA 24, September / October, 1985

Front cover


Feature articles

Performance art now | Gunther Berkus

The wall | Krystof Wodiczko

Bacon, Deleuze and the way of all flesh | Conor Joyce

Frankie says... | Frank Stella in conversation with Joan Fowler


Stephen Buckley | Roy Johnson

Kathy Prendergast and Richard Gorman | Micky Donnelly

Michael Mulcany | Joan Fowler

Of Desire | Molly McAnailly Burke

Victor Sloan | Belinda Loftus

M.A. Exhibition | Nick Stewart

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CIRCA 25, November / December , 1985

Front cover

Feature articles

Slow theatre/fast sculpture
In two minds about Robert Wilson's solo performance during the Dublin Theatre Festival
| Noel Sheridan

Jack Crabtree | In conversation with Christopher Coppock


A Green Part of the World:
Royal Ulster Academy Lecture
by Anthony Green
| Stefana McClure

British Airways Lecture Number I
by Nigel Greenwood
| John Hutchinson

The sound of pictures | Dr Slavka Sverakova

Jim Manley and Ronan Walsh | Belinda Loftus

Jasper McKinney and Ann McCormick | Deirdre O'Connell

Independent Artists | Deirdre O'Connell

Liam Magee | Belinda Loftus

CAN '85 | Joan Fowler

Elaine Thomas | Louis A. Muinzer


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CIRCA 26, January / February, 1986

Front cover


Feature articles

On the bewilderment and absurdity of things | extracts from a conversation with Dermot Seymour

Matters of life and death:
Protestant and Catholic ways of seeing death in Northern Ireland
| Belinda Loftus

Fragments of a conversation overheard | Between Fergus Delargy, Diarmuid Delargy, Martin Duane and others

The reformation and the practice of art | David Brett

Graham Gingles | In conversation with David Brett

God, Freud and crossed wires | Sean McCrum

Reflections | Gordon Woods


Arnott's Portrait Award | Jill Nunn

EVA 85 | Molly McAnailly Burke

The Poetic Object | Deirdre O'Connell

New Works by Roger Ackling, Hamish Fulton, David Tremlett and Thomas J. Cooper | Nick Stewart

Women Artists and the Surrealist Movement by Withney Chadwick | Fionna Barber


British Airways Lecture Number 2
by Richard Francis
| John Hutchinson

British Airways Lecture Number 3
by Michael Newman
| John Hutchinson


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CIRCA 27, March / April, 1986

Front cover

Feature articles

Winter in the Arts Council's garden | Joan Fowler

Art pages | Chris Wilsom

Polite oppression
Problems of cultural democracy
| Owen Kelly

Gene Lambert | Talking to Patrick Murphy

Art pages | Susan Hiller

Communising community art | Mo Bates

The business of art | Nick Stewart


Stephen Snoddy and Sam Fleming | Molly McAnailly Burke

Michael Creaney, James Fearon, Gerry Gleason and Roxy Walsh | Belinda Loftus

Jer O'Leary | Fintan O'Toole

Willie Doherty | Belinda Loftus

Aileen Mackeogh | John Hutchinson

Komar and Melamid | David Brett

Theories of Contemporary Art | Joan Fowler


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CIRCA 28, May / June , 1986

Front cover

Art Notes

Feature articles

Some problems with printmaking | Jill Nunn

Projected rituals:
An investigation of the works of Roberta Graham
| Interview by Andre' Stitt

Inside imaginary Ireland | Brian Torode


Mark Pepper | Stefana McClure

Una Walker | Jill Nunn

Mary Clint | David Brett

Terry Atkinson | Joan Fowler

Henry Moore: Shelter Sketchbook | Belinda Loftus


Forty questions about Annaghmakerrig | Mairead Byrne


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CIRCA 29, July / August , 1986

Front cover

Feature articles

The place of place in art | Declan McGonagle in conversation with Christopher Coppock

From the local to the global | David Brett

Art and society: myths & experience | Geoff Evans

Images into words, young writers competition | Pat Long
Robert Grace
Caroline Hurley
Eamon Dillon

Tomorrow's artists
How should they be educated?
| John A. Walker


Andrew Coobes | Deirdre O'Connell

Michael O'Dea | Joan Fowler

Sweeney Astray | Molly McAnailly Burke

Pauline Bewick | James Thompson

Anita Groener | John Hutchinson

Brian Eno | Nick Stewart


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CIRCA 30, September / October, 1986

Front cover

Art notes

Feature articles

Graduated tobacco filters and heavy skies | A discussion of 'Ireland, a Week in the Life of a Nation' with Brian Trench, Tanya Kiang, Mick O'Kelly, Derek Speirs and Luke Gibbons

Nobuo Nakamura | interviewed by Joan Fowler

Place by place
Cultural goals in the Mid-West | Anne Carlisle

Roundabout Craigavon area | Belinda Loftus

Down your way | Deirdre O'Connell

Place by place directory | The Mid-West Craigavon, Lurgan and Portadown Down

Art Pages | Elaine Thomas

Art and marginality | John Roberts

Book Reviews

Andrey Tarkovsky: Sculpting in Time | Nick Steward

The New Image: Painting in the 1980's by Tony Godfrey | Joan Fowler


William Scott | Anne Carlisle

Victor Burgin | Joan Fowler

Simon Reilly | John Hutchinson

1986 Claremorris Open | Jill Nunn


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CIRCA 31, November / December , 1986

Front cover

Art notes

Feature articles

Presenters, artists & heroes
Television and the visual arts
| Martin McLoone

Scratch Video | Lyell Davies

New technology and the privatisation of broadcast information | Gerry Walker

The sunny South-East | Jill Nunn

Wild Frontiers | Deirdre O'Connell

Place by place directory | The South-East
The North-West

Art pages | Ian Breakwell


M.A. Fine Art Exhibition | Joan Fowler

Alan Graham and Chris Wilson | Joan Fowler

EVA 86 | John Hutchinson

Four Views | Peter Jordan

Michael Farrell | Molly McAnailly Burke


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CIRCA 32, January / February , 1987

Front cover

Art notes

Feature articles

Image making, image breaking | A discussion on images of gender stereotyping with Ailbhe Smyth, Pauline Cummins, Beverly Jones and Pat Murphy.

Changing the context
The availability of Women's Art
| a discussion with Fionna Barber, Alice Maher, Anne Tallentire and Elaine Thomas.

Artworks as commodities | John A. Walker

Open space
Sacred Hearts, Scripture Texts and Fancy Goods...
| Bernard Loughlin


Six in the Sticks | Joan Fowler

Alistair Wilson | John Hutchinson

Pacific: Heart of the Ocean | Jill Nunn

Clifford Rainey | Deirdre O'Connell

Book Review

The Last Resort by Martin Parr | Tanya Kiang


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CIRCA 33, March / April , 1987

Front cover

Art notes

Feature articles

N.A.A. women's conference | Fionna Barber

Donald Kuspit | Interviewed by Joan Fowler

Practical solutions
Space for sculpture making art 'work': the artist and the enterprise allowance scheme
| Anne Carlisle

Open space
The art in the country
| Jim Manley


Eilis O'Connell | Deirdre O'Connell

Colin McCullough | Kent Dur Russell

Jack Pakenham and Rodney Dickson | John Hutchinson

Cathy Carman | Peter Jordan

Brian Ballard | Louis A. Muinzer

Elisabeth Magill | John Hutchinson


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CIRCA 34, May / June , 1987

Front cover

Art notes

Feature articles

Beyond illustration | Anthony Davies talking to David Brett

Out of the Plaza
Some strategies for placing art in public
| Deirdre O'Connell

Fellowships | Micky Donnelly
Martin Folan

Art pages | Jasper McKinney

Open space
Disability, differentness, and identity
| Mary Duffy

Place by place
On the trail to Killarney
| Joan Fowler


Clement McAleer | Anne Carlisle

Irish Exhibition of Living Art |John Hutchinson

Sonia Boyce | Fionna Barber

Andrew Robarts | Kent Dur Russell

Peter Wilson | Peter Jordan


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CIRCA 35, July / August, 1987

Front cover

Circa notes

Feature articles

Peripheral Vision | Luke Gibbons
Guest Editor

Irish art criticism
A provincialism of the right?
| Tom Duddy

A mortuary of disused mottoes overheard: on Cecil King | Bill McCormick

Picturing a name
Word and image in 'The Name of the Rose'
| Tanya Kiang

Gender and the art of masquerade | Luke Dodd

Dear Luke, Dear Circa | Pat Murphy


Antony Gormley &Locky Morris | Deirdre O'Connell

Mary P. O'Connor | Roy Wallis

Jacinta Feeney | Fionna Barber

Henry Morgan | Peter Jordan

Joe Hanley | John Hutchinson

Contemporary Irish Photography | Tanya Kaing

Jeremy Henderson; Neil Speers & Nick Stewart | David Brett

Kevin MacMahon | Gerry Walker

John Shinnors | Peter Jordan




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CIRCA 36, September / October , 1987

Front cover

Circa notes

Feature articles

On the reproduction of the corporate image | Phyllida Shaw
Joan Fowler
Declan McGonagle

Dublin's fair city
A round table discussion
| Aine Farrell
Joan Fowler
Paul Keogh
Aileen MacKeogh
Frank McDonald

The way forward
A landscape architecht's perspective
| Mansil Miller

Nancy Spero
Leon Golub
| in conversation with John Hutchinson

Art pages | Pauline Cummins

Place by place
North by North East
| Fionna Barber


Michael Fitzpatrick | Joan Fowler

SADE '87 | Peter Jordan

Michael Cummins | Gerry Walker

Dan O'Neill | Brian Kennedy

John Bellany | Peter Jordan

Douglas Holmes | Kieran Walsh

All Plus Three | David Brett

Books Reviews

Modernism, Post Modernism, Realism | John Hutchinson

Making Ways | John Kindness



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CIRCA 37, November / December , 1987

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

Putting art on the agenda | Brian McGuire talking to Declan McGonagle

Open space
Whittling the Yardstick
| Samuel Walsh

Dublin here today
Artists on the boards
| Lyell Davies

Here and there | Andrew Robarts
Peter Prendergast
Gwen O'Down

Place by place
The stark situation of Westmeath, Louth and Meath
| Margaret MacNamidhe


Kathleen Furey | Tom Duddy

Fergus Delargy & Diarmuid Delargy | Roy Wallis

Royden Rabinowitch | John Hutchinson

Comic Iconoclasm | Tanya Kiang

Philip McFadden | Gerry Walker

Pat Connor | Peter Jordan

Mick O'Kelly | Kieran Walsh

Book Review

Cinema and Ireland | Tony Fitzmaurice



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CIRCA 38, January / February , 1988

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

Between God and Rambo
| Anne Carlisle talking to John Carson

Bridging the gulf | Christopher Coppock talking to Belinda Loftus

Open space
Inside & out
| Barbara Freeman

The camera & the peep-hole | Kiaran Walsh talking to Niki Ktori

Art pages | Joe Butler


David Barker | Brian Kennedy

Jock McFadyen | Roy Wallis

Helen Hanse | Paul Little

Dominic Snyder | David Brett

Edge | Liam Kelly

Brian Connolly | Anne Carlisle

Kevin O'Farrell | Tanya Kiang

Book Reviews

Cross-Overs: Art into Pop/Pop into Art & Art into Pop | John Hutchinson

Working Space | David Brett



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CIRCA 39, April / May , 1988

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

Acni culture
A blurred vision
| Martin McLoone

Sonia Boyce | in conversation with John Roberts

Open space
Gun law
| Nigel Rolfe

Criticspeak | Joan Fowler and David Brett

Full Circle
A conference report
| Kieran Walsh


Four Artists Many Wednesdays | Gerry Walker

Colin McGookin & Gerard Devlin | David Brett

Kilkenny 9 | John Hutchinson

Alice Maher | Jack Pakenham

Debbie Coombes | Lyell Davies

Brian Maguire | Roy Wallis

Celebration of the Bog | Peter Jordan

Triality | Kieran Walsh

Collaboration Prints | Gerry Walker


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CIRCA 40, June / July, 1988

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

In search of a useful theory | Belinda Loftus

Artpages | Moira McIvor

Colouring the black & white | Willie Doherty in conversation with Christopher Coppock

The critic's prodigal daughter
Feminist writings and art practice
| Fionna Barber

Brave new world
Seminar report
| Nick Stewart


Elaine Callen | Paul Little

Theresa McKenna, Gwen O'Down and Marc Reilly | Peter Jordan

Tony Bevan | Micky Donnelly

James Fearon | Jack Pakenham

Myriad | Tom Duffy

Charles Harper | Gerry Walker

Sound moves | Lyell Davies

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CIRCA 41, August / September , 1988

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

A week of British art | Tanya Kiang

Art in the open
The Anna Livia Fountain & the city centre mural, Dublin
| Gerry Walker, Mo Bates

May Stevens | in conversation with Fionna Barber

W.A.A.G. seminar report | Joan Fowler


Viking Adventure | Tanya Kiang

Dublin Time Capsule | Tanya Kiang

Martin Nangle | Roy Wallis

Lorrayne Murphy | Tom Duddy

Fred Williams | Elaine Hogg

Una Walker | Kieran Walsh

John Aiken |Peter Jordan

Jim Savage & Jim Sheehy | Tom Duddy

Jasper McKinney | James Odling-Smee

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CIRCA 42, October / November , 1988

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

8 0n '88
8 views of ROSC '88
| Patrick T. Murphy, Fintan O'Toole, Lynne Parker, Pat Murphy, Dorothy Walker, Tony Fitzmaurice, Micky Donnelly, Gerald Barry

Eduardo Chillida | in conversation with David Brett

Sculpture, admin & money | Discussion with Ciaran Benson, Colm Brennan, John Meagher, Aileen MacKeogh, Medb Ruane


Phil Nalty/Debi O'Hehir | Tom Duddy

Brendan Kelly | Paul Little

Eithne Jordan | Peter Jordan

Prints & Drawings of the Weimar Republic | Fionna Barber

Cork Sculpture | Tom Duddy

Liadin Cooke | John Hutchinson

Lance Smith | David Brett

The Costakis Collection | Fionna Barber

Felim Egan | John Hutchinson


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CIRCA 43, December / January , 1989

Front cover

Circa notes



Feature articles

The land and the landscape | David Brett

Classic ground A conf

itary sublime | Patrick Eyres

Irish postcards and mood photography | Tanya Kiang

Landscape & bord failte eireann films | Mia Gallagher


Stephen McKenna | John Hutchinson

Reefer and the Model | Mick Hannigan

Padraic O'Flaithearta | Tom Duddy

Exchange-Germany/Ireland | Peter Jordan

Mary Fitzgerald | John Hutchinson

Lorraine Wall | Peter Jordan

Joyriders | Stephanie McBride

Geraldine O'Reilly | kieran Walsh

Tim Rollins and KOS | Stephanie McBride


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CIRCA 44, March / April , 1988

Front cover


Circa notes


Feature articles

Art and technology | Paul O'Brien

The female gaze?
Looking at women in popular imagery
| Stephanie McBride

Them and them; us and us
Regional and national stereotypes in British comics
| Mike Catto

The avant-garde & popular culture | Discussion with:
Luke Gibbons
John Hutchinson
Nigel Rolfe


EV + A | Tom Duddy

Paul Neagu | David Brett

Mother Ireland | Peter Jordan

Manessier | James Odling-Smee

Our Words Jump to Life | Mark Robinson

Jenny Holzer | James Odling-Smee

Chris Drury | David Brett


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CIRCA 45, May / June , 1989

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

The possibilities for a public art | David Brett

Beyond the aesthetic adventure
Public art & education
| Sally Morgan

Impossible dream - or achievable reality?
| Margaret Robinette

Art in public places
Pages from a continuing logbook
| Tony Hill

with the assistance of Derry City Council
| Anthony Davies

The place of the public in public sculpture
Response to F.E. McWilliams's Princess Macha
| Roy Wilkinson

Phototrail | Mick O'Kelly


Television Arts Magazines | Martin McLoone

Cork Prison education Unit | Kieran Walsh

Michael Warren | Tom Duddy

Rory Donaldson | James Odling-Smee

Basil Blackshaw, Barry Callaghan and John Kindness | James Odling-Smee

Power in the Blood | Roy Wallis

Patricia Hurl | Kieran Walsh

Bill Viola | Paul O'Brien

Cristina Rubalcava | James Odling-Smee

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CIRCA 46, July / August , 1989

Front cover

Circa notes


Feature articles

Inside the last great American whale
The politicys of Modernism
| Francis Frascina

The English look of the Irish map | Mary Hamer

Putting public art on the agenda | James Odling-Smee, Kieran Walsh

Poor people's films | a conversation with Lelia Doolan


Diarmuid Delargy | James Odling-Smee

Michael Beirne | Peter Jordan

Neil Shawcross | James Odling-Smee

Sue Coe | Fionna Barber

Sam Walsh | Hugh Maxton

Michael Cummins | Peter Jordan

A State of Siege
Derry's Walls
| Mia Gallagher

Michael Mulcahy | John Hutchinson



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CIRCA 47, September / October, 1989

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

The notion of craft | David Brett

Dancing in the dark
Craft and composition
| Kevin Volans

My butcher sells onions
A plea for creative action
| Gordon Woods

The jammed gatling
| Sean McCrum

Feminism and craftwork | Gillian Elinor

Makers and questions about others | Annie Fatet


Archive Films | Stephanie McBride

Sculpture in Context | Margaret MacNaimidhe

Patrick Hall | Fintan Cullen

Patrick Ireland | David Brett

George Braque and Martin Wedge | James Odling-Smee

T.J. Maher | Robert O'Byrne

Ferenc Martyn | Hugh Maxton

Book Review | John Hutchinson

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CIRCA 48, November / December, 1989

Front cover

Circa notes



Feature articles

Modernism, Postmodernism and beyond | Paul O'Brien

Postmodernism in Ireland
Notes and proposition
| John Hutchinson

A possibility of hope
An interview with Rene Castro
| Fionna Barber

The floozie in the Jacuzzi
The title is not one, but many
| Ailbhe Smyth


Philip Guston | Kevin Volans

Gwen O'Dowd | D.C. Rose

Basil Blackshaw and Cherith McKinstry | James Odling-Smee

Orchard Installations | David Brett

Alicia Boyle | Robert O'Byrne

John Burke | Samuel Walsh

Elizabeth Magill | Brian Hand

Ian Hamilton Finlay | Peter Jordan

Claremorris Open | Tom Duddy




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CIRCA 49, January / February , 1989

Front cover


Circa notes


Feature articles

Portrait of the Nation as a young Gallery | Hugh Maxton

Disguising dependence
Separatism and foreign mass culture
| Kevin Rockett

Artists and schools
| Niamh O'Sullivan

The electonic craftsman
A conversation with John Frazer
| David Brett


Richard Livingstone | Paul Little

'Masks' and 'Muppets' | Monica Frawley

Vivienne Roche | Aidan Dunne

Joan Jameson | Fionna Barber

Alice Maher | Peter Jordan

EV&A 89 | Tom Duddy

Dermot Seymour | Mike Catto

Book Review | David Brett




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CIRCA 50, March / April , 1990

Front cover

Circa notes



Feature articles

Regionalism reconsidered
Joan Fowler

Anne Tallentire

Shifting the goalposts
Anne Carlisle & Christopher Coppock

Alistair Wilson

Sense, direction and selected images
Irish art in the 1980s

John Hutchinson

A special supplement

Liam Kelly

A selection

Public Art
Declan McGonagle

Two Artists
Micky Donnelly
John Meany

Alistair MacLennon
Nigel Rolfe

Nicola Gordon Bowe

Aidan Dunne

Liam Frinse

Lear's fool and Goya's dilemma
Irish film and peripheral culture

Martin McLoone







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CIRCA 51, May / June , 1990

Front cover

Circa notes



Feature articles

The experience of modernity
at the centre and the periphery
| Martin Gaughan

Mother Ireland & loyalist ladies | Belinda Loftus

Artpages | Danny McCarthy

Ireland in the news
Questions of responsability
| Lewis Johnson

Artpages | Jaki Irvine

Going round in circles
The Celtic revival and graphic arts
| Pat Donlon


Tom Fitzgerald | Peter Jordan

Jill Dennis | Vera Ryan

Marie Foley | Mary FitzGerald

Tim Goulding | Robert O'Byrne

Anne Madden | Aidan Dunne

John Kindness | Mike Catto

Peter Morgan | Luke Verling

Janet Mullarney | Kieran Walsh


Art for Public Places | Declan McGonagle

Art, Politics and Ireland | Roy Wallis

Still war | Gerry Burns


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CIRCA 52, July / August , 1990

Front cover

Circa notes


Feature articles

Irishness and art criticism | Mary Stinson Cosgrove

Further questions of responsability | Lewis Johnson

Making space for sculpture
A conversation
| Aileen McKeogh & Deirdre O'Connell

Stirring pools that might stink
A conference report
| Jonathan Harris


Alistair MacLennon | David Brett

Kathy Prendergast | Aidan Dunne

Amelia Stein | Peter Jordan

Aidan Linehan | Luke Verling

Pat Looby & Ann O'Reagan | Emer McNamara

Alistair Wilson | Aidan Dunne

Brian Maguire | Hugh Maxton

Clement McAleer | Damien Coyle

Cork Artists Collective | Kieran Walsh

Jack Pakenham | Slavka Sverakova


Women, Art and Society | Fionna Barber

19th Century Realist Art | Slavka Sverakova



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CIRCA 53, September / October , 1990

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

The construction of heritage | David Brett

Looking beyond regionalism | Declan McGonagle

The new brutalism
Frampton reconsidered
| Linda Krause

Aspiring to the condition of language
Poetry and Irish cinema
| Kathleen McCracken


Charles Tyrell | Vera Ryan

Robert Ballagh | Mary FitzGerald

Willie Doherty | Jaki Irvine

David Crone | Robert O'Byrne

Micky Donnelly | Joan Fowler

Dorothy Cross | Aidan Dunne

Anselm Kiefer | Fionna Barber

Six Romanian Artists | David Brett

Pamela Hardesty | Sarah Finlay


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CIRCA 54, November / December , 1990

Front cover


Circa notes

Feature articles

Of markts, fairs and biennales | Slavka Sverakova

Over the bridge: The rise of Irish art | Ian Kirk-Smith

Politics, patronage and public art | David Baggaley

Aspiring to the condition of language 2: Poetry and Irish cinema | Kathleen McCracken


Brian Kennedy | Kieran Walsh

If Stones Could Speak | David Brett

Art from the Frontline | Noel McGuigan

William Crozier | Vera Ryan

Mosaic | Joan Fowler

Nature and Culture | Mike Catto

The Field | Mia Gallagher

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CIRCA 55, January / February , 1991

Front cover

Circa notes


Feature articles

Home and away
Contemporary markets
| Robert O'Byrne
Sean McCrum
John Hutchinson

TSWA in Derry | Fionna Barber
Moira McIver
Melanie Counsell

Utopia - a picture story | Sean McCrum

Between categories | Morton Feldman


John Noel Smith | Aidan Dunne

Alfonso Monreal | Damien Coyle

Barbara Freeman | Peter Jordan

Derek Speirs | Tanya Kiang

Sexuality and Gender | Mike Catto

Grace Weir | Fionna Barber

Irish Short Films | Brian Guckian


Mirrors | Noel McGuigan


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CIRCA 56, March / April , 1991

Front cover

Circa notes



Feature articles

More heat than light
Glasgow's year of culture
| Hilary Robinson

The real thing
Archeology and popular culture
| Pat Cook

Historicism and modernity
New building in Belfast
| David Brett

Spirit of the festival | Martin McLoone


Cathy Carman | Fionna Barber

GPA Awards | Joan Fowler

Mary Duffy | Tom Duddy

Michael Kane | Fintan Cullen

Myth and Mystification | Mike Catto

Martin Parr | Tanya Kiang

Poesis Line Object | David Brett

The last word

Off the beaten track | Mairead Byrne

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CIRCA 57, May / June , 1991

Front cover


Circa notes

On the record | John Hutchinson

Feature articles

Eminent Fomorians
Irish art in Liverpool
| Sean Cubitt

Children's art
A new perspective
| Gordon Woods

The possibility of portraiture | David Brett

Hidden agenda
Politics and the thriller
| John Hill

The tip of the iceberg | Katie Donovan
Deirdre O'Connell


Nuala Gregory | Fionna Barber

Modernism and Abstraction | Mike Catto

Chris Doris | Felicity Woolf

Philip Napier | Damian Coyle

Austin McQuinn | Peter Jordan

Politics and Polemics | Mike Catto

Jack B Yeats | Martin Gaughan

EV + A 91 | Tom Duddy

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CIRCA 58, July / August, 1991

Front cover



Circa notes

On the record
Elaine Thomas

Feature articles

The Douglas Hyde
A short history

Kieran Walsh

The making of a new tradition | Mark Robinson

On palimpsests
The art of curation
| Mike Catto

Could do better...
The Hyde and women's art
| Fionna Barber
Mary FitzGerald


Interpreting Contemporary Art | Jamshid Mirfenderesky


John Keane | Mark Robinson with Fionna Barber

Tom Bevan | Damien Coyle

Karl Grimes | Donald Sheehan

New Contemporaries | Chris Bailey

In a State | Hugh Maxton

Ciaran Lennon | Aidan Dunne

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CIRCA 59, September / October , 1991

Front cover

Circa notes



Feature articles

Displays of Power
With Foucault in the Museum
| Brandon Taylor

Sleeping with the Past
Collecting and Ireland
| Luke Dodd

Inheritance and Transformation
Old Grounds, New Contexts?
| Joan Fowler

Men of the West | An interview with Paul O'Reilly


The Arts Councils | Chris Bailey

The Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery | Peter Jordan

The Ulster Museum | Mike Catto

The Crawford Municipal Gallery | Kieran Walsh

Glebe House | David Brett

The Irish Film Archive | Mia Gallagher

On the Record | Breeda Mooney

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CIRCA 60, November / December , 1991

Front cover

Circa notes


Feature articles

Art and ecology: A new orthodoxy | Paul O'Brien

Centre of gravity | Declan McGonagle in conversation

Snapshot photography | Sean McCrum


Intermedia | Vera Ryan

Blue Funk | Paul O'Brien

Sean Og McAteer | Damien Coyle

Alan Ladak | Martin Gaughan

EspaCe | Aidan Dunne

Sculpture Park Proposals | David Brett

Bringing it All Back Home | Fintan Vallely

On the record | Oliver Dowling

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CIRCA 61, January / February , 1992

Front cover

Circa notes


Feature articles

Modernism and Ireland's selves | Ciaran Benson

Available resources | Brian Kennedy
Brian Connolly
Paul Little

A modern disease
Art and heritage management
| Pat Cooke

The art of death
Aileen MacKeogh's 'house'
| Felicity Woolf

The art of managing the arts
First conference responses
| Patricia Quinn
Martin Drury
Tom Weir
Pat Cooke
Belinda Loftus


Eiji Okubo | Gordon Woods

Graham Gingles | Damien Coyle

John Aiken | Anthony Bartley

Cecil King | Aidan Dunne

Per Barclay | David Brett

Gerhard Richter | Fionna Barber

Marion Urch | Fionna Barber


The Myth of Primitivism | John Hutchinson

On the record | Brian Ferran

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CIRCA 62, Autumn, 1992

Front cover




Feature articles

Material evidence
The cultural traditions debate
| David Brett

The struggle of humanity
John Heartfield reconsidered
| Martin Gaughan

Postcard from the hedge
The art of promotion
| Marion Fitzgibbon

Work in process | David Crone & David Brett

The CIRCA interview
Clive Priestley
| Mark Robinson

Unity and diversity
The Dublin arts report

Critical mass
The art of promotion
| Sven–Claude Bettinger

G is for Greenaway | Stephanie McBride


Sebastiao Salgado | Tanya Kiang

Terry Atkinson | Paul O'Brien

Dorothy Cross | Siraj Izhar

Moira Mclver | Joan Fowler

Shane Cullen | Paul O'Brien

Wolfgang Laib | Mary FitzGerald

Sounding the Depths | Jaki Irvine

Donald Teskey | Peter Jordan

Tina O'Connell | Nora Broderick

Cecily Brennan | Paul O'Brien

Sean Rothery | David Brett


On the record | Jan Ashdown

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CIRCA 63, Spring, 1993

Front cover




Feature articles

Telling tales
The Irish storyteller in the information age
| Desmond Bell

End of an empire?
Art in the former soviet union
| Susan Reid

Afterthoughts on random access

Dinosaurs alive!
at the Ulster museum
| Sean McCrum

Re–imaging Belfast | William Neill

The final frontier
A visit to Flaxart Studios
| Slavka Sverakova

The CIRCA interview
Gene Lambert
| Anne Kelly

Responses to John Heartfield | William Neill


David Godbold | Aidan Dunne

FergusDelargy | Damien Coyle

Charlie Whisker | Paul O'Brien

Blue Funk | Michael Wilson

Mark Pepper | Tony Bartley

Ann–Marie Robinson | Gerda Spence

Annette Messager | Hilary Robinson

Mike Fitzpatrick | Samuel Walsh

The Anatomy Lesson | Barbara Freeman

Four Installations | Slavka Sverakova

The Crying Game | Roddy Flynn

Book Reviews


On the record | Aileen MacKeogh

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CIRCA 64, Summer, 1993

Front cover


News & letters


Feature articles

Irish art in New York | Anna O'Sullivan

Another island
Japanese art in Ireland
| Caoimhin Mac Giolla Léith

Art for a new Scotland? | Angus Calder

The CIRCA interview
Sir Charles Brett
| David Brett

Work in process | Aidan Dunne & Nigel Rolfe

Cork works
Studio spaces in Cork
| William Gallagher

All about EV+ A


Mary McIntyre | Slavka Sverakova

Patricia Hurl / Therry Rudin | Anna Maria Dowdican

Brian Fielding / Mark Ainsworth | David Brett

Ida Applebroog | Hilary Robinson

I am history now | Tony Bartley

Clifford Collie | Paddy Johnson

Catherine Harper | Gemma Tipton

Ken Hardy | Eamonn Crudden

Cork / Cracow | Jo Allen

Unspoken Truths | Roisin Kennedy

The Bargain Shop | Stephanie McBride

The Visit | Evelyn Conlon

Into The West | Donal Dineen

Moving statues | Frank McGayley


On the record | Christine Redmond


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CIRCA 65, Autumn, 1993

Front cover


News & letters


Feature articles

Back projection
John Hinde and the New Nostalgia
| Luke Gibbons

Metal and meat
The human in the age of non–biological reproduction
| Paul O'Brien

The CIRCA interview
Bernard Loughlin
| David Brett

Face value
Commemoration and its discontents
| Sighle Bhreathnach–Lynch

Tír Sáile | Tom Duddy

Post post–modernism?
Urban Design in Belfast
| Malachy McEldowney

Trick or treat?
Perspective on John Hinde


Cork city artists | Jo Allen

Belfast Young Contemporaries | Damien Coyle

Venice Biennale | Dorothy Walker

Ian Joyce | Eamonn Crudden

Lynne Connolly | Terry Loane

Martin Mullin | James Scarborough

Karl Grimes | Paddy Johnson

Re–Locating History | Sarah Edge

Alistair MacLennan | Gavin Murphy

Video Positive '93 | Sean Olsen

Elaine Reichek | Desmond Bell

Victor Treacy Award Show | Aidan Dunne

Horse | Anthony O'Keeffe

Tourism in Ireland | Tom Duddy

The Mediation of Ornament | David Brett


On the record | Maurna Crozier

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CIRCA 66, Winter, 1993

Front cover


News & letters


Feature articles

Image banks
Zoo TV and the music industry spectacle
| Gary Phelan

Edge in the centre
Irish artists in London
| Siraj Izhar

Silent no more
Rex Ingram and the silent cinema
| Kevin Rochett

The CIRCA interview
The Film Institute of Ireland
| Mark Robinson

Art al fresco
An open air contemporary art museum
| Brian Kennedy

Artist run
Artist–initiated projects
| Hilary Robinson

The deep end
Perspective on the Arts Council Gallery, Belfast


Michael McCaughan | Linda McClelland

Naked Formed | Jonathan Cassidy

Rachel Joynt | John Farrell

Morgan Doyle | Marry Anne Francis

Backwater Artists | Michael Wilson

The Exploding Cinema | Roddy Flynn

Jack Donovan | Gemma Tipton

X Marks | John Farrell

Celebrating Difference | Kathleen Delaney

Interiors | Paddy Johnson

Ronnie Hughes | Colin Darke

Terence Gravett | Eilís O Baoill

Willie Doherty | Martin McCabe

See Through Art | Eamonn Crudden

Black Wind, White Land | John O'Farrell

After '68 | Roddy Flynn

The Post–Modern Reader | Paul O'Brien


On the record | Sandy Fitzgerald

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CIRCA 67, Spring, 1994

Front cover




Feature articles

Protestant culture | Damien Coyle

In a Spin | Michael Cronin

The politics of creativity | Tom Duddy

The CIRCA interview Jan Hoet | Tanya Kiang

The tuning of the world | Mark McLoughlin

The rare new times | Simon Walker

IMMA three years on

Get out of it | Jason Oakley

Art event | Vivien Burnside


Ger Sweeney | Colin Darke

Jeff Wall | Paul O'Brien

Nicola Russell | Colin Darke

Philip McFadden | Damien Coyle

Martina Galvin | Ellen Beardsley

Evelyn Montague | David Rose

Seán Hillen | Brian McAvera

Deirdre McLoughlin | David Brett

Peter Rice | David Brett

Quadrant | Brian Coates

Mary McIntyre | Terry Loane

12 x 16 | Gemma Tipton

Biba | Deirdre Campion

Shiraz Houshiary | Hilary Robinson

Film | Orla Walsh

Books | David Brett


On the record
The Head Gallery

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CIRCA 68, Summer, 1994

Front cover


Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

The politics of location
The creation of a 'cultural quarter' at Temple Bar
| Catherine Cleary

Hungry Grass
The new famine museum at Strokestown house
| Niall O'Ciosáin

Windows on a world | David Brett and Jill McKeown re–interpret
Belfast's domestic stained–glass

Yellow pack workers unite | Eamon Crudden on the situation facing
Scheme workers in the arts

Art, class and the sectarian divide | Colin Darke analyses Protestant culture from a Marxist perspective

Terminal art | Tanya Kiang talks to the makers and organisers of three art projects in Heathrow airport

Art of participation | Community arts workers respond


Elizabeth Magill | Mic Moroney

Living Quarters | Sam Walsh

Kalachakra Sand Mandala | Gerry Byrne & Ronan McCrea

Vivien Burnside | Gavin Weston

Dorothy Cross | Hilary Robinson

Esmond Bingham | Anthony Bartley

Jimmie Durham | Mick Wilson & Martin McCabe

Finbar Kelly | Peter Jordan

Ev +A "94 | Hilary Robinson

Locky Morris | Elaine Hogg

Eilis O'Connell | Martin Gaughan

Nick Miller | Aidan Dunne

The Trouble with Art | Damien Coyle

The Bishop's Story | Roddy Flynn

Fundraising: the artist's guide | Valerie Connor


Rory Donaldson | Colin Darke

Liadin Cooke | Eamonn Crudden

Anthony Gormley | Paul O'Brien

On the record
Micky Donnelly on Queen street Studios

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CIRCA 69, Autumn, 1994

Front cover



Feature articles

Time–based art | Mick Wilson & Martin McCabe clear the ground for a history of time–based work

Making notes : nothing making | David Brett on lan Joyce's recent preformance / installation

Cuchulainn lives on | John Turpin explores the contradictory afterlife of the hero of the Ulster saga

Muti–Media Multi–Hype | Gemma Tipton explores artists' involvement in the new technologies

Work in process
Babel Bitmap – a colloaboration
| Michael Cunningham (text), Jerome Doran (design) and Roger Doyle (music)

Diaspora | Ken Hardy assesses the Diaspora project at its mid-term point

The CIRCA interview | Joan Fowler asks Declan McGonagle and Anne Davern about IMMA's forthcoming season, From Beyond the pale

Dressing up | Sheila Gorman on the conservatism of Irish dress

Vox pop | Initial responses to the Arts Counil's draft strategy report


Corban Walker | Paul O'Neill

Conor Kelly | John Seth

Labour in Art / art at work | Michael Kissane

Fionnuala Ní Chiosáin | Aidan Dunne

Katherine Beug | Hilary O'Kelly

Michael Canning | Louise Masterson

Beyond the Partitions | Terry Loane

Hit & run | Brian Kennedy

Gavin Hogg / Robert Baker | Marion Lovett

Una Bryce | Gavin Weston

Eilis O'Baoill | Elaine Hogg

Íontas | Damien Coyle

Working on the Bypass | Jules Maxwell

Mirrors: Orange & Green | Oona Woods

Beyond the Partitions | David Brett


Andrew Kearney | Marion Lovett

Felim Egan | Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

Finola Jones | Damien Coyle

On the record
Kate Rivers on art sponsorship

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CIRCA 70, Winter, 1994

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Seminal Art | Aidan Dunne re–appraises the Irish 'New Expressionists'

Celto–Kitsch and the Sublime | David Brett analyses the construction of popular history at the Navan Visitors Centre

The CIRCA interview | Luke Gibbons talks to the Minister for arts, culture and the Gaeltacht, Michael D Higgins

Light matters | John Hutchinson reflects on 'Turrell in Cork'

Work in process | An innovative collaboration between Cindy Cummings, Nuala Ní Dhomnail and Amelia Stein

Beyond borders | Colin Darke assesses the Donegal / Derry arts project

Art in context | Jackie Ryan reports on site–specific installations at the National Maternity Hospital

Irish Days | Irish artists report from Irish Days ll in Poland


Bill Woodrow | Damien Coyle

Susan MacWilliam | Gavin Weston

Fibre art | Alyce Mahon

Kathy Herbert | Elaine Hogg

Bill Penney | Siobhan White

Nick Stewart | Eamonn Crudden

Nhan Duc Nguyen | Colin McGookin

Site–actions | Martin Gaughan

Picasso to Koons | Paul O'Brien

Selected works and projects | Jason Phipps

Michael Boran | Ali Corcoran

James Coleman | Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

Annabel König and Donal Hurley | Michael Cunningham

What She Wants | Elaine Sisson


Sean Scully | Samuel Walsh

Richard Wilson | Tanya Kiang

Deirdre O'Connell | David Brett

On the record
Robert Agnew on Visual arts at the Belfast Festival

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CIRCA 71, Spring, 1995

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Peacelines | Artists and artsworkers on 'the ceasefire'

Translations | Eamonn Crudden considers how artists have approached the issue of colonialism in Ireland

Art unlimited | Luke Verling looks at a major exhibition in France

Work in process | Rita Duffy and Gavin Weston

Sport on the sidelines | Eamon O hOisin argues the benefits of partnerships between corporate sponsors and arts organisations

The CIRCA interview | Mark Carruthers talks to Donnell Deeny, Chair of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland

Showing abroad | Alice Maher and Philip Napier on the Sao Paolo Bienal

Safety zone | Gemma Tipton explores the role of public art galleries


Janet Pierce | Alison Pilkington

Ursula Murray | Marion Lovett

Anne Tallentire and John Seth | Daniel Jewesbury

Forecast | Louise Masterson

Michael Coleman | Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

Daphne Wright | Rob Stone

Quadrant | Emer McNamara

Malin Starrett | Terry Loane

Roxy Walsh | Heidi Reitmeier

Rodney Dickson | Libby Anson

Alice Maher | Aidan Dunne

Alisling O'Beirn | Mic Moroney


Nano Reid | Declan Mallon

Irish Art 1830–1990 | Brian Fallon

Ireland: Art into History | Brian P. Kennedy & R. Gillespie


John Kindness | Stephanie McBride

Mary FitzGerald | Kate Robinson

Brian Kennedy | Damien Coyle

John Behan | Hilary Pyle


On the record
Michael Morgan on the Disability Arts movement

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CIRCA 72, Summer, 1995

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Reframing women | Hilary Robinson discusses concepts of essentialism in contemporary art theory and practice

Widening the web | Ivan Pope explores new narrative structures and the resources available to artists on the Internet

Far pavilions | Kate Rivers gives an overview of 100 years of the Venice Biennale and looks at Irish participation at the event

The CIRCA interview | Stephanie McBride talks to film maker Pat Murphy

Curate's Egg | Curators describe their role and their relationship to artists

The art of work | Ali Corcoran reports on a programme which brings together art and industry


O'Hehir, O'Hehir and Gillan | Alyce Mahon

Poetic Land–Political Territory | Hilary Robinson

Symbols | Fintan Brady

Maurice O'Connell | Derval FitzGerald

Intermedia '95 | Emer McNamara

Rita Donagh | Bernadette Buckley & Jamie Stapleton

Jonnie Wilkes and Jim Lambie | Richard Wright

Cléa van der Grijn | Hilary Pyle

Marry Duffy | Mo White

Theo Sims | Paul Robinson

EV+A '95 | Aidan Dunne

Mick Wilson | Luke Clancy

PSI Museum Studio Artists | Anna O'Sullivan

Mirja Tuomi | Aidan Dunne

Seán Shanahan | Marian Lovett

Korea | Roddy Flynn



Martin Mullin | Patricia Isaza

Clifford Collie | Jane Humphries

IMMA Glen Dimplex | Medb Ruane


On the record
Marian Lovett on Public Art

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CIRCA 73, Autumn, 1995

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Interactive Art | Digital technologies are no longer confined to the computer screen. Anne Carlisle charts the terrain

This is not an advert | Alyce Mahon explores the two–way traffic between advertising and the Surrealists

Pooling resources | Gemma Tipton looks at the issues raised with the establishment of Belfast's new Ormeau Baths Gallery

The CIRCA interview | Paul Dunne talks to artist Paul O'Neill

Body of work | Liam Kelly assesses the highlights of the Venice Biennale

Degree showdown | Artists, teachers and gallerists give their views


Suzanna Chan | Jo Slade

Subterraneans | Damien Coyle

Linda Brunker | Paddy Johnson

Irish Steel | Angela Mehegan

Axel Miret | Tom Duddy

1st Wexford Artist's Book Exhibition | Kathleen Delaney

Barrage | Paul Robinson

Barbara Freeman | Hilary Pyle

Fergus Feehily and Jason Roche | Sam Walsh

Collaborate | Paul Robinson

Belfast Young Contemporaries | Andrew Gooding

Kerlin Group Show | Martin McCabe

Feargal Fitzpatrick | Brian Coates

Íontas | Marian Lovett

Corban Walker | Marian Lovett

Memories in Focus and Irish Cinema | Martin McCabe

History of the NCAD | David Brett



Patrick Hall | Gemma Tipton

Count the Cost | Brian Kennedy


On the record
Julie Parsons on Black Box

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CIRCA 74, Winter, 1995

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

The photographic fix | Tanya Kiang assesses new developments in Irish photography

Alien city | A new multi–media collaboration

Spectacle of the body | Mark Dawes explores Marina Abramovic's performance work and transitional sculptures

Structures & arrangements ll | Mark Robinson looks at the opportunities and challenges in To the Millennium

Work in process | Alastair MacLennan / David Brett (Photography: Erroll Forbes)

The CIRCA interview | Andy Goldsworthy talks to Marian Lovett

Cultural re–mix | Elspeth Sage discusses new frameworks for developing international art exchange

Processing the peace | A visual essay by Mary Fitzpatrick


Colin Darke | Colin Darke

Camac | Con Power

Tom Fitzgerald | Action Dunne

Art as the Object of Desire | Andrew Gooding

James Mathers | Malcolm Mac Clancy

Compulsive Objects | Martin McCabe

Nepotism | Gavin Murphy

I love you | Jane Humphries

Seven Northern Artists | Angela Mehegan

Simon Reily | Elaine Coyle

Patrick Ireland | Jo Allen

Jack Pakenham | Gemma Tipton

Evening Echoes | Michael Cunningham

Live | Conor Kostik

Feminist art criticism | Elaine Sisson

Irish Art Masterpieces | Niamh O'Sullivan

Taken down in evidence | Tanya Kiang



Rita Duffy | Chris Wilson

Patrick Heron | Samuel Walsh

Michael Kane | Aidan Dunne


On the record
Gemma Tipton on North–south Co–operation

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CIRCA 75, Spring, 1996

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Better to stammer the truth ... | Declan McGonagle looks into the current state of art writing in Ireland

Confronting multiculturalism | Fintan Cullen explores the Irish–Mexican–Chicano touring show Distant Relations

Exchange resources | Hilary Robinson on the latest series of international events in Belfast

Seen and not herded | Niamh O'Sullivan reports on developments at The Ark, Temple Bar's new centre for children's arts

The CIRCA interview | Tanya Kiang talks to Guy Tortosa, curator of EV+A 96

Work in process | Dorothy Cross / Jo Anna Isaak

Journey into the artworld | Views from Derry and London on the BBC's Art Marathon

A picture taken the year before the abuse began | A project by Daniel Jewesbury


Cork Artists' Collective | Conor Kostik

Spiderland | Karen Vaughan

Breaking the Silence on Violence | Bernie Casey

Catherine Owens | Paddy Johnson

By the By | Vera Ryan

Beyond Borders Plus | Colin Darke

North West '95 | Alison Pilkington

Diana Copperwhite | Marian Lovett

Quadrant | Samuel walsh

Seven Go | Jane Humphries

Are You Mad? | Lorraine Whelan

Guiltrip | Roddy Flynn

Still Irish | Stephanie McBride



Michael Warren | Aidan Dunne

Basil Blackshaw | Karen Vaughan

Charles Tyrrell | Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

Felim Egan | Hilary Pyle


On the record
Una Walker on the International Association Artists

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CIRCA 76, Summer, 1996

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Carnal knowledge | David Brett on the invisibility of painting in the age of mechanical reproduction

Swerved in naught | How is photography being taken up in fine art practice? Brian Hand compares the approaches of Willie Doherty and Tim Maul

Public under statement | Marian Lovett assesses the public art content and the implications of the Invited Section at this year's EV+A

Cultural confidence | Arguing that a true internationalism would look beyond established centres, Gemma Tipton draws out the parallels between Scotland and Ireland

Work in process | Bridge – a sculpture / architecture / graphic design collaboration between Corban Walker, Simon Walker and Peter Maybury

Open channel | Tanya Kiang introduces the Irish Art Channel, a new space for Irish art on the World Wide Web

Art pages | Acceptible Sites for Violence, an art project by Maria Fusco


Showing Off | Gill McKnight

Ronnie Hughes | Peter Jordan

Susan Hiller | Fionna Barber

Martin Finnin | Mark Ewart

Kathlyn O'Brien | Aidan Dunne

Lawrence Cassidy | Nicholas Allen

Daphne Wright | Shirley MacWilliam

Gleigh Gaughan & Sean Cotter | Rod Stoneman

Philip Napier & Phelan / McLoughlin | Tanya Kiang

Katharine West | Medb Ruane

Deirdre O'Connell | Gavin Weston

Deirdre Behan | Vona Groarke

Seán Hillen | John M. Farrell

Críos | Jane Tynan

A.B.B.A.C.U.S. | Eoghan McTigue

Shaping a City | Chris Wilson



Chris Wilson | Ian Hill

Abel Badheart | Medb Ruane

Maurice O'Connell | Gemma Tipton


On the record
Fiona Kearney on the question of artistic value

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CIRCA 77, Autumn, 1996

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Intimate spaces | Alanna O'Kelly talks about her work with Medb Ruane

Louise Bourgeois | A preview of the veteran's sculptural and graphic works

Measured words | Shane Cullen's current project assessed by Peter Suchin

Seeing sound | Andrea Phillips discusses sound theatre in the work of Conor Kelly

Fly by night | Simon Roche explores the graphic language of nightclub flyers

Work in process | Table – a print–making project by Andrew Folan with text by Tanya Kiang

Irish free state | Peter FitzGerald literally looks at language

Art pages | Clarity isn't everything – an art project by Carol Murphy


Mike Fitzpatrick | Aoife McNamara

Grace Weir | Michael Cunningham

David Shrigley | Mike Wilson

Mark Dale | Robert Bertoia

Jaki Irvine | Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

Language, Mapping & Power | Ian Sutherland

Art of the State | Jo Allen

L'Imaginaire Irlandais | Hilary Pyle

Fix 96 | Kevin Henderson

Helena Gorey | Catherine Heaney

Gavin Weston | Eoin O'Broin

Caroline McCarthy | Lorraine Whelan

Pride in Diversity | Jane Tynan

Margaret Tuffy | Gemma Tipton

Film: 81 | Martin McCabe

Book: Contextual Media | Jobst Graeve



Cecily Brennan | Aidan Dunne

Cóilín Murray | Fiona Kearney

Ed & Nancy Reddin–Kienholz | Louise Curham


On the record
Nikki Diana Marquardt gives her account of The Bridge

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CIRCA 78, Autumn, 1996

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Intimate spaces | Alanna O'Kelly talks about her work with Medb Ruane

Louise bourgeois | A preview of the veteran's sculptural and graphic works

Measured words | Shane Cullen's current project assessed by Peter Suchin

Seeing sound | Andrea Phillips discusses sound theatre in the work of Conor Kelly

Fly by night | Simon Roche explores the graphic language of nightclub flyers

Work in process | Table – a print–making project by Andrew Folan with text by Tanya Kiang

Irish free state | Peter FitzGerald literally looks at language

Art pages | Clarity isn't everything – an art project by Carol Murphy


Mike Fitzpatrick | Aoife McNamara

Grace Weir | Michael Cunningham

David Shrigley | Mike Wilson

Mark Dale | Robert Bertoia

Jaki Irvine | Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

Language, Mapping & Power | Ian Sutherland

Art of the State | Jo Allen

L'Imaginaire Irlandais | Hilary Pyle

Fix 96 | Kevin Henderson

Helena Gorey | Catherine Heaney

Gavin Weston | Eoin O'Broin

Caroline McCarthy | Lorraine Whelan

Pride in Diversity | Jane Tynan

Margaret Tuffy | Gemma Tipton

Film: 81 | Martin McCabe

Book: Contextual Media | Jobst Graeve



Cecily Brennan | Adian Dunne

Cóilín Murray | Fiona Kearney

Ed & Nancy Reddin–Kienholz | Louise Curham


On the record
Nikki Diana Marquardt gives her account of The Bridge

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CIRCA 79, Spring, 1997

Front cover


News |

Feature articles

Body of work | The debate over painting's power continues

Working it out | Mark Orange analyses models of public art practice

The living dead | An essay by Raymond Bellour on the work of James Coleman

Art pages | Urban gaps by Oliver Godow

The CIRCA interview | Tanya Greenfield, Lottery Officer talks to Derval FitzGerald

Work in process | Harpers & Quinn – Catherine Harper & Billy Quinn

Neither visionary nor porpoise | Tricia Cusack questions the modernist mythology surrounding Jack B.Yeats

Art pages | Recent work by Kevin McCutcheon


Scream and Scream Again | Timothy Martin

Lorraine Whelan | Vona Groarke

Janet Mullarney | Gemma Tipton

Waiting Spaces | Marian Lovett

Louise Bourgeois | Gill Tipton

Hegarty / Kearney / Napier | Bernadette Buckley & Jaime Stapleton

Deirdre O'Mahony | Emer Williams

Art in Time | Peter Jordan

The Art Trail | Conor Kostik

Marcella Reardon | Mark Ewart

Jeanette Doyle | Angeline Morrison

8th Mostyn Open | Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith

Directors Show | Eilís O'Baoill

Proposition | Eoin O'Broin

Book: The Return of the Real | Angeline Morrison

CD–Rom: Pluperfect | Peter FitzGerald



The Black Room | Maurice O'Connell

Peter Morgan | Fiona Kearney

Finola Jones | Paddy Johnson


On the record
Grainne Mac Lochlainn discusses the planned National Photographic Archive

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CIRCA 80, Summer, 1997

Front cover


News |

Feature articles

Art Pages | Jaki Irvine presents Losing Doris and extracts from Another Difficult Sunset

Trusting inter–relations | Mark Dawes discusses art, the real world and Alastair MacLennan

The CIRCA interview | Sam Walsh asks Stephen McKenna about The Pursuit of Painting

On the waterfront | John Stephenson looks at Belfast's new Waterfront Hall for lessons for Dublin's Docklands redevelopment

Being Seen | Marian Lovett analyses recent developments in the imaging of Ireland and of Irish art

Image, drama, history | Heritage presentations owe as much to the circus tent as to the lecture hall argues Pat Cooke

Art pages | Fiona and Me by Ronan McCrea and Eva

Publications update | Tanya Kiang assesses recent art publications


Ann O'Regan | Jo Slade

Hughie O'Donoghue | Sam Walsh

Elizabeth Byrne | Angela Mehegan

How I Learned to Love Photography | Jo Allen

John Brady | Ian Wieczorek

Philip Napier | Colin Darke

Dympna Molloy | Lorraine Whelan

Intermedia '97 | Mark Ewart

Alice McCartney | James Kerr

Danielle Kraay | Emer Williams

Clubhouse | Luke Clancy

Kathy Prendergast | Helen Swords

Video Cats | Gavin Weston

Heather Fleming | Mo White

Symposium: Infusion '97 | Sean Taylor

Symposium: Sensing the Future | Paul O'Brien



Charles Cullen | Hilary Pyle

Nigel Rolfe | Marian Lovett

Dorothy Cross | Angela Mehegan


On the record
Tanya Kiang discusses a recent bid for Millennium funding

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CIRCA 81, Autumn, 1997

Front cover


News |

Feature articles

The CIRCA interview | Aidan Dunne talks to Sean Scully

A man with guts | Seán Hillen's PhotoShop work on John Byrne's performance

Punch drunk | Colin Graham looks beyond Punch magazine and presents alternative material for a renewed analysis of Irish cultural history

From buzz to bash via ping | An off–centre tour of the National Gallery with Peter FitzGerald

Work in Process | Photoworks by Karl Grimes. Text by Stephanie McBride

Documenta discipline | Annie Fletcher reports from documenta X in Kassel

Art pages | A selection from Seán Taylor's Notes and Observations on the Cultural Revolution


Waterfront | James Kerr

Bandits–Mages | Paul O'Neill

Limits of Silence | Daniel Jewesbury

Clare Langan | Gwen McCarthy

Susan MacWilliam | Mick Wilson

Lingua Oculorum | Dougal McKenzie

Munster Scukpture Projects | Alan Phelan

Side Effects | Martina Corry

Venice Biennale | Tanya Kiang

Aran McMahon | Mark Ewart

Response | Alice Lyons

Book: Visual Politics | Mick Wilson

Book: Thinking Long | Fionna Barber



Micky Donnelly | Aidan Dunne

James Hanley | Jo Allen

Digital Dimensions | Luke Clancy


On the record
Barbara Dawson sets out the plans for a massive extension to the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery

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CIRCA 82, Winter, 1997

Front cover


News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

Open minds | Máirín Grant assesses a new departure in curation

The CIRCA interview | Dermot Seymour talks about cows, helicopters and the surreal at the heart of the obvious. By Ian Wieczorek

New image, old junk | John Brown finds that painting in Northern Ireland still holds its own

Opium of the masses? | Gemma Tipton reports on the Inner Art project

Work in Process | Since the Accident by Maurice O'Connell

Frameworks | Raymund Ryan reports on major architectural projects in Cork, Limerick and Sligo

Art pages | Opportunity Opportunism by Maurice Doherty


Susan Philipsz | Jane Tynan

Projects at IMMA | Maria Walsh

Rita Duffy | Mary Cosgrove

Residue | Aidan Dunne

Kevin Ryan | Mark Ewart

Catherina Hearne | Vona Groarke

Temple Bar Street Art | Lorraine Whelan

Sensation | Helen Swords

Cleá van der Grijn | Ian Hill

Mary McIntyre | Slavka Sverakova

Rachel Ballagh | Joanne Hayden

Breda Lynch | Mark Ewart

Fotofeis 97 | Caroline Rye

Banquet show | Elaine Hartigan, Peter FitzGerald, Mary Kelly

Objects of Desire | Stephanie McBride

Cultural Baggage | Brian Kennedy



Eilís O'Connell | Sam Walsh

Martin Wedge | Daniel Jewesbury

Brian Maguire | Vona Groarke


On the record
Dorothy Walker on the oppurtunities offered by AICA

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CIRCA 83, Spring, 1998

Front cover

News | Letters, reports and our regular columnists

Feature articles

The CIRCA interview | Angeline Morrison interviews Alice Maher

Fetched in from the wild | Angeline Morrison analyses Alice Maher's practice

Race isn't an Irish issue | Daniel Jewesbury on hybridity

Art pages | Marc van Zanten's UNIT 981-3571-1

Sound, sense and sensibilities | Shirley MacWilliam on sound

Work in Process | Babara Freeman in collaboration

The music of chance | Katalin Timár on representations of cultural identity

Response | Liam Kelly replies to a Circa review of Thinking Long


Re–dressing Cathleen | Sighle Bhreathnach–Lynch

Modern Art in Ireland | Ciarán Bennett

Public Art | Angeline Morrison


Louise Walsh | Eileen Coates

Art Trail '97 | Jo Allen

Telling Stories | Phillip Mussen

Paul Henry | Mary Cosgrove

Hans Peter Kuhn / Robert Wilson & Hans Peter Kuhn | Heather McCracken

Printed Matter | Mark Ewart

Passport Exchange; (Ex)change | Luke Clancy

Maeve Connolly | Colin Darke

New Found Land Scape | Jacqueline Stanley

Kiki Smith | Claire Schneider

Oliver Whelan | Aidan Dunne

Once is too Much | Mary Kelly

Bill Viola | Mark Granier


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CIRCA 84, Summer, 1998

Front cover

News |

Feature articles

Speaking Bones and Singing Limbs | Shirley MacWilliam

Where do you want to go today? | Daniel Jewesbury

Painting: A Minute's Silence? | Dougal McKenzie

Art on the Line | Derval FitzGerald, Gemma Tipton

Timecode, Glitch, and Noise | Martin McCabe

Art pages

Montezuma's (Montecuma's) Revenge | David Godbold

Kathlyn O'Brien | John Brown


Mick Wilson at Triskel | Lorna Healy

Return to Sender at Hugh Lane | Noel Sheridan

Play & Record at Catalyst | Daniel Jewesbury

Irish Public Sculpture | Aisling Prior

Maud Cotter at Rubicon | Hilary Pyle

Simon R. English at Triskel | Mark Swartz

Michael Minnis at Orchard | Colin Darke

Amanda Ralph / No Opening Just Closing at Project | Ciaran Bennett

Lorna Healy / Hilary Gilligan at ARTHOUSE | Elaine Sisson

Barrie Cooke at Tig Filí / West Cork / Claremorris | Mark Ewart

Éamon Colman at RHA / Geraldine O'Neill at Jo Rain | Angeline Morrison

Collette Nolan at Triskel | Jo Allen

Michael Durand at Gallery of Photography | Justin Carville

Joseph Grigely at Douglas Hyde | Maria Scott

Lorraine Burrell at Context | Colin Darke

Deirdre Carr / Shankill Young Women's Project at City Arts Centre | Conor Kostick

Eithne Jordan at Rubicon | Aidan Dunne

Finola Jones at Green on Red | Japonica Sheridan

Tracings at Ormeau Baths | Mark Swartz

Patricia McKenna at Dún Laoghaire Co. Hall / Aisling O'Beirn at Temple Bar | Ruairi' O' Cuiv

Sheila Gorman on Soil

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CIRCA 85, Autumn, 1998

Front cover

News |

Feature articles

The sound of bells and bellies: acoustic authority and sound effects | Shirley MacWilliam

Think Architecture: the work of Niall McLaughlin | Raymund Ryan

C is for... | Daniel Jewesbury

Lightness of being: the Integrated Artworks Project | Susanne O'Shea

Art pages

Crosstown Productions


Infusion / Skin–Up / Fix | Lukasz Guzek

Catherine Owens at Triskel | Jools Gilson-Ellis

Scóip 98 at Siamsa Tíre | Claire Schneider

Brendon Deacy at Graphic Studio & Mayo | Angeline Morrison

Vital Presence at Belltable | Eileen Coates

Glen Dimplex / Excellent Dynamite | Aidan Dunne

Summer in Lithuania at Tig Filí | Suzy O'Mullane

Culture and Conflict at Puffin Room | Lyell Davies

Reverend Todd's Full House | Marian Lovett

Patrick Ireland at Orchard | Sean Windsor

Ciarán Ó Cearnaigh at Temple Bar | Mark Swartz

Manifesta 2, Luxemburg | Annie Fletcher

Aidan Dunne at Temple Bar | Noel Sheridan

William Scott at IMMA | Sam Walsh

Dark Field at Boiler House | Acushla Bastible

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CIRCA 86, Winter, 1998

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

Yes, Kid | Noel Sheridan

Time and Tide | Gavin Murphy & Daniel Jewesbury

Mise Éire(plus ca change...?) | Victor Merriman

Art pages

Collapsing Here | Brigid McLeer

Metabolic Guts for B. Fuller | Garrett Phelan

Collaboration | Harry Thuillier Jnr. and Gabriel Rosenstock


Northern Ireland... GULP!, Winnipeg | Blair Marten

EV+A 98, Limerick City | Annie Fletcher

[Confrontations] at Triskel & RHA | Suzy O'Mullane

Ian Breakwell at Temple Bar | Noel Sheridan

Laura Gannon at Jo Rain | Elaine Sisson

Talking about Artists' Sketchbooks | Jo Allen

Remco de Fouw at Model Arts | Ian Wieczorek

Maolíosa Boyle at Context | Orla Ryan

Mary Lohan at Taylor | Lorna Healy

Brian Fay at Belltable | Samuel Walsh

Daphne Wright at Frith Street | Sue Hubbard

Willie Doherty at Tate, Liverpool | Fionna Barber

Claremorris Open | Mary Avril Gillian

Perspective 98 at Ormeau Baths | Derval FitzGerald

Art@Science | Paul O'Brien

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CIRCA 87, Spring, 1999

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

Brazilian Beat | Georgia Lobacheff

Alternative, Mainstream, Mainstream Alternatives | Niamh Ann Kelly

interviews: Colin Martin / Róisín Lewis | Jason Oakley / Gemma Tipton


Station | John Gerrard

How to Butterfly a Leg of Lamb | Mary Kelly / Abigail O'Brien

Elsewhere | Marielle Nylander


Dublin | Robert Armstrong

Ilya and Emilia Kabakov at IMMA, Dublin | Rita Duffy

Connacht | Ian Wieczorek

Belfast | Slavka Sverakova

Quadrant at Belltable, Limerick | Sean Taylor

Derry | Martina Corry

Cork | Jo Allen

Glasgow | Mark Dawes

New York / Boston | Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith

Helen O'Leary at Michael Gold, New York | Lyell Davies

London | Bernadette Buckley and Jaime Stapleton

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CIRCA 88, Summer, 1999

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

EV+A has a little lamb...: interview with Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn | Gemma Tipton

International code?: Peter Murray interviewed on P.S. I show | Jo Allen

When art becomes life: socially engaged German art | Emma Mahony

Cheques and balances: Irish art and the welcome on the U.S. mat | Patrick Murphy

Tales of the city: on urban cinema | Debbie Ging

Eventing space: the audience merges with the art | Eoghan McTigue

Public art indoors: sound and art in public spaces | Brian Hand

Sounds teasing: Susan Philipsz interviewed | Annie Fletcher


The Burlington Cartoon | James Kerr


Belfast | Maeve Connolly

Dundalk / Drogheda | Vona Groarke

Luc Tuymans at the Douglas Hyde | Sarah Durcan

Dublin | Elaine Sisson

Southeast | Peter Jordan

Cork | Alannah Hopkin

West | John Hunt

London (video diary) | Nick Stewart

Scotland | Sarah Tripp

Barcelona | David G. Torres

New York / Boston | Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith

Chicago | Mark Swartz

Damn Fine Art | Catherine Harper

www.modernart.ie | John Gerrard

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CIRCA 89, Autumn, 1999

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

If you can make it there...: tips for New York | Gemma Tipton

Meaningful instances and laguna lacunae: the Venice Biennale | Orla Ryan

A constructive lack of agenda: a 'themeless' art symposium in New York | Maeve Connolly

Time capsule: self–capsule: art, biology and identity in the work of Eduardo Kac | Steve Tomasula

Lest they fade: commemorating tragedy in Omagh and Dublin's inner city | Gemma Tipton

Transgressive events: art and the eeire | Eoghan McTigue

Red roses for the president: the visual language of the Mary Robinson compaign | Ciaran Swan


From the series Photogenic Drawings | Martina Corry


Cork | Rory Mullins

Limerick: Infusion '99 | Dougal McKenzie

Derry | Marianne O'Kane

Belfast | Gavin Murphy

Drogheda / Dundalk | Vona Groarke

Dublin I | Angeline Morrison

Dublin II | Lorna Healy

London | Paul O'Kane

Scotland | Joanne Tatham and Tom O'Sullivan

Ghent: SMAK | Alan Phelan

New York | Anna Hammond

Tokyo | Miyako Takeshita

The Crafts in Britain in the 20th Century | Nicola Gordon Bowe

SIGGRAPH | Conor McGarrigle

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CIRCA 90, Winter, 1999

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

Design's on your life:
Glasgow's feast of architecture and design
| Lisa Godson

Horsehead perspective:
in discussion with Philip Dodd and Matt Lennon
| Daniel Jewesbury

Taking place:
implicating the viewer in site–specific art
| Eoghan McTigue

Playing the green card:
how did those New York shows fare?
| Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith


Photography and the self | Sarah Edge


Belfast | Nora P. Donnelly

Connacht | Ian Wieczorek

Petah Coyne | Paula Murphy

Limerick | Gavin Hogg

Drogheda / Dundalk | Vona Groarke

Cork | Jo Allen


Liverpool | Declan Sheehan

Scotland | Alan Michael

Dublin I | Jane Humphries

Dublin II | Noel Sheridan

Art + Technology Supplement

Electronic Art, Genetic Art:
Symbiosis and Contamination
| Eduardo Kac

Mediated Encounters | Ken Rinaldo

Culturing Shame | Karen Thornton

Art Electronica 99 | Paul O'Brien

On Exhibiting Hybrids | George Gessert

Fables of a Technological Era | Nathalie Houtermans

Alien Space: The Shock of the View | Marcos Novak

Planting Paradox | Fran Dyson

Celebrating / nullifying the Individual | Jason Salavon

A Techno–religious Work of Art | Arjen Mulder

3d ASCII: An Autobiography | Vuk Cosic

Power Walk and the Machine for Moving | Jordan Crandall


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CIRCA 91, Spring, 2000

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

Noise, silence, and the persistence of sound in several cities | Shirley MacWilliam

Enigmatic, eclectic, exotic, fugitive, secretive:
on Aloysius O'Kelly
| Kevin Whelan

Public misrecognition:
art and its audience
| Brian Hand

Dislocutions: on cultural translation:
Sarat Maharaj in converstion with Annie Fletcher

You shall have a fishy: the Big Fish swims home | Cornelia McCarthy

Private view:
an insight into private patronage in Ireland
| Marianne O'Kane


by Peter Richards


Belfast | Suzanna Chan

Cork | Mark Ewart

Limerick | Annette Moloney

Dublin I | Sarah Durcan

Dublin II | Amy Jean Porter

Northwest | Declan Sheehan

Books | Conn O'Donovan

Scotland | Gordon Dalton

London | Joshua Sofaer

Paris | Soko Phay-Vakalis

Barcelona (James Coleman) | Maeve Connolly

Cologne | Alan Phelan

Auckland | Robin Stoney

San Francisco (video) | Pauline Cummins

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CIRCA 92, Summer, 2000

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

Advertising Ireland: Irish graphic design in the 1950s under the patronage of Aer Lingu Linda King

A moving Experience:
the Francis Bacon studio comes to Dublin
| Mary McGrath

Canon–fodder?: is the Bacon studio a good thing? | Mick Wilson

When Artists Become Pop Stars:
on the popularity of popular music for many artists
| Emma Mahony

Fluid Talk: interview with Matthew Barney | Amy Jean Porter

Audience to Ourselves:
the construction of the audience construct
| Brian Hand

Going Dutch:
some thoughts concering exhibiting in Ireland
| Daan Bruijel

Corporate Insight:
private–sector sponsorship of the visual arts in Ireland
| Marianne O'Kane


Artists at risk | Prof. K. H. Lalor


Belfast I | Ruth Jones

Belfast II | Phil Collins

Cork | Jo Allen

Limerick (EV+A) | Sarah Durcan

Dundalk | Vona Groarke

Galway | Jenny Mccarthy

Dublin I | Simon Morse

Dublin II | Maeve Connolly

Southeast | Bernadette Kiely

Whitney Biennial 2000 | Orla Ryan

Scotland | Caroline Woodley

North of England | Rachel Clarke

Castellón (Zona F) | Cherry Smyth

Portland | Brian Kennedy

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CIRCA 93, Autumn, 2000

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

Chinese whispers: a portfolio of residencies | Niamh Ann Kelly

Blurred vision: artists and Laganside developments | Daniel Jewesbury

The secret underground: the missing story of Irish art | Noel Sheridan

Looking for attention: the free market of spectatorship | Brian Hand

The French young generation: on fait quoi lá–bas? | Robert Fleck

Rebel with a cause: on Leon Golub | Jo Anna Isaak

The ABC of modern art museums / Tate Modern | Fiona Kearney

Tuning the visual Geiger counter: how to look right | Joe Wilson

On the question of art and technology | Mick Wilson


El Gallito / Studio Notes | John Brown


Cork | Mark Ewart

Northwest | Marianne O'Kane

not i | Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes

Dublin | Sarah Durcan

Limerick | Samuel Walsh

Belfast | Suzanna Chan

Southeast | Gemma Tipton

Scotland | Leigh French

Paris / Nice | Soko Phay-Vakalis

Ljubljana / Manifesta 3 | Annie Fletcher

The Lowry | Gillian Tipton

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CIRCA 94, Winter, 2000

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

Welcome to the bleeding edge | Gemma Tipton, John Gerrard

Made in Quebec | John Grande

Architectural ethics | Eoghan McTigue

Open to criticism | Margaret Corcoran

Borderline case | Brian Kennedy

The audience as producers | Brian Hand

Centre Pompidou | Fiona Kearney

A little Life | Margaret Corcoran

There but for...? | Marianne O'Kane

But will it work? | Alan Phelan


the freud and epi stories


Cork | Jo Allen

Northwest | Declan Sheehan

Dublin I | Jane Humphries

Dublin II | Alan Phelan

Drogheda / Dundalk | Gemma Tipton

Limerick | Eoin McCarthy

Belfast I | Allan Hughes

Belfast II | Peter Richards

West | Ian Wieczorek

London | Mary McCaughey

George Moore | Terry Eagleton

Locus Solus | Mo White

Ars Electronica | Paul O'Brien

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CIRCA 95, Spring, 2001

Front cover

Update |

Feature articles

Looking over its shoulder: 10 years at IMMA | Niamh Ann Kelly

Researching the margins | Peter Haining

Outside in | Simon Cocking

Art you can cycle to | Brian Kennedy

The mirror in the art of the twentieth century | Soko Phay-Valkalis

Distorting (for) the truth | Rory Campbell

Artz 4 cripz: arts and disability | Dave Thomas

Transform / Function / Fusion: Derry Women's Centre | Declan Sheehan

A new Model | Sheila Dickinson

MUHKA | Fiona Kearney




Belfast I | Aaron Kelly

Belfast II | Daniel Jewesbury

Midlands | Noelle Harrison

Northwest | Marianne O'Kane

Cork | Alannah Hopkin

Dublin I | Gemma Tipton

Dublin II | Peter FitzGerald

Limerick | Paul O'Reilly

Scotland | John Beagles

Sources in Irish Art | Niamh O'Sullivan

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CIRCA 96, Summer, 2001

Front cover


Convened by Stephanie McBride

Uncertainty principles | Stephanie McBride

Self and others | Peter FitzGerald

Dark wonder | Tania Kiang

Shadows of time | Tom Lawlor

Science and the eclipse of the earth | Catherine Fitzgerald

R Block and Future Nature | Stephanie McBride

Two rooms on location | Patrick T. Murphy

The event space | Gemma Tipton



John Graham: Magazine Drawing, 2001,
ink on paper, four pages


Feature articles

MoMA | Fiona Kearney


Belfast | Suzanna Chan

Northwest | Declan Sheehan

Northeast | Janet Naclia

Dublin l | Sarah Durcan

Dublin ll | Orla Ryan

West | Claire McLaughlin

Limerick | Dr. Nora Donnelly

Cork | Mark Ewart

Southeast | Gemma Tipton

Scotland | Mark Dawes

England | Maria Walsh

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CIRCA 97, Autumn, 2001

Front cover


Convened by Oliver Whelan

Architecture into paint | Blaise Drummond, Toby Paterson

Project: Double Bar | Katarina Matiasek

The house on the hill | Emma Mahony

Tracking the urban animal | Aislin O'Beirn

Project: Yikes! | Marjetica Potrc, graphic design Barbara Predan

The challenge of space | Gemma Tipton

Project: Bungalow Blitz | Aoife Mac Namara, Andrew Kearney and Paul Antick


Feature articles

Who owns images: science or art? | James Elkins

House style | Orla Ryan

Where prejudices can be dispelled | Joe Wilson

Moderna Museet | Fiona Kearney

On the other side of open | Patrick T. Murphy

Venice Triumph | David Blamey, Paul O'Neill



Venice | Maeve Connolly

Dublin | Valerie Conner

Belfast I | Janet Naclia

Belfast II | Miriam de Burca

Cork | Don O'Mahony

West | Gemma Tipton

Northwest | Marianne O'Kane

Limerick | Annette Moloney

Scotland | Susannah Thompson

London | Nick Stewart

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CIRCA 98, Winter, 2001

Front cover


Convened by Daniel Jewesbury

Public space and 'public art' | Daniel Jewesbury

Spectre vs. vector | Stephen Hackett

Radio + the mass medium message | Duncan Campbell

reMATERIAL: dialectical histories | Michael Wilson

Project: Karlskrona2




After City Limits | Coordinated by Brian Kennedy

Bogdan Achimescu

Chantal Labinski

Udo Wid

Paolo Grassino

Christian Hasucha

Melissa McDonnell

Fixing it by Noel Sheridan | (photographer Anthony Hobbes)



Belfast I | Brian Kennedy

Belfast II | Slavka Sverakova

Northwest | Declan Sheehan

Limerick | Jim Savage

Dublin I | Niamh Ann Kelly

Dublin II | Jane Humphries

Northeast | Janet Naclia

Cork | Chris Clarke

Scotland | Gemma Tipton

London | Anthony Downey

Ars Electronica | Paul O'Brien

Art Cologne | Ferial Kasmai


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CIRCA 99, Spring, 2002

Front cover


State of the Art: interview theme

"'Perhaps' is practically a lie" | Willie Doherty, Dave Duggan

State of the artist | Brian Cronin, Form 4'

Letter–opener | Valerie Connor, Hilary Robinson

From the top | Roisín McDonough, Damien Smith

"Yes, this can happen" | Noel Sheridan, Brian O'Doherty

Feature articles

Successful web architecture | Paul Clerkin

Plucking at a popular tune | James Elkins

I read therefore I am | David Blamey, Paul O'Neil


by Karl Somers


Cork | Alannah Hopkin

Limerick | Annette Maloney

Dublin I | Rachel Ni' Chuinn

Dublin II | Noel Sheridan

Belfast I | Slavka Sverakova

Belfast II | Rita Duffy

West | Sheila Dickinson

Northwest | Dr. Catherine Harper

Southeast | Gemma Tipton

Scotland | Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith

London | Cherry Smith

Bucloh's 'Neo–Avant–garde' | Stephen Morton

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CIRCA 100, Summer, 2002

Front cover


Artworks for CIRCA

Looking back: 21 years of art in Ireland

The gender gap | Hilary Robinson

Screen and screen again | Shirley MacWiliam

The art of being relevant | Medb Ruane

Bricks and brickbats | Aidan Dunne

See | Compilied by Rita Duffy


Limerick: EV+A 2002 | Isabel Nolan

Dublin: Phil Collins | Gemma Tipton

Kilkenny: Susan MacWilliam | Chris Clarke

London: American Sublime | Niamh O'Sullivan

Dublin: How things turn out | Maeve Connolly

Belfast: Appropriation | Suzanne O'Shea

Cork: Billy Foley | Dr. Michael Casey

New York: Round–up | Noel Sheridan

Derry: aimnín | Marianne O'Kane

Lisburn: Joel Meyerowitz | Rita Duffy

Belfast: The Integrated Artworks Project | John Brown

Glasgow: Pearl Union | Orla Ryan

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CIRCA 101, Autumn, 2002

Front cover



Theme: Art and Design

Are you someone? Artists and the art of branding | Declan Long

Makers and takers: Art and the appropriation of ideas | Henrietta McKervey

Drawing a line | John Wood

Self and others | Jane Austin

What's art got to do with it? | Keith Murray

Same difference? | Luke Clancy


Signs | Eamon O'Kane

Feature articles

'Guys in suits who can't paint' | Gemma Tipton



Caroline McCarthy at TBG&S | Alan Phelan

Daylighting the City | Mark Ewart

Ruth Jones at Old Museum | Leontia Flynn

Documenta 11 and Manifesta 4 | Christa-Maria Lerm Hayes

Outside Visual Art | Siun Hanrahan

Gerard Byrne at LCGA | Treasa O'Brien

Ursula Burke in ROUTES | Cherie Driver

Under your skin at Catalyst | om lekha

Cathy Wilkes at Inverleith House | Sarah Lowndes

Bungalow Blitz at Letterkenny AC | Declan Sheenan

Eva Hesse at SFMOMA | Gemma Tipton

Richard Powers' Plowing the Dark | Dr. Rodney Sharkey


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CIRCA 102, Winter, 2002

Front cover



Theme: regions and art centres

Getting what we deserve | Damien Coyle

Access all areas | Colm Ó Briain

Bridge over troubled waters >| Brian Ferran

Round and round | Liz Donnan

New critical centres for art in Ireland? | Ian Hunter

Vox Pop

Tanya Greenfield

Vivien Burnside

Una Walker

Kathy Herbert

Jean Brennan

Fitting it in | Patricia McBride

Feature article

The best of spaces: the worst of spaces | Gemma Tipton


Slant | David Stephenson, with introduction by Belinda McKeon


Limerick: Clodagh Emoe at Belltable | Barbara Dunne

Darklight Film Festival | Leah Hilliard

Katie Holten at Temple Bar | Katie Holte

Perspective 2002 at OBG | Allan Hughes

Barbara Freeman at Old Museum | Alison Walker

Paul McCarthy at Butler | Isabel Nolan

Goshka Macuga, Nick Evans at Transmission | Sorcha Dallas

Ars Electronica | Paul O'Brien

Hughie O'Donoghue at Model Arts | Richard Dwyer

Sarah Lewtas at Context | Ian Joyce

Happy Accidents and Unveiled at Triskel | Mark Ewart

Miwon Kwon book review |Stephen Morton


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CIRCA 103, Spring, 2003

Front cover

Update and regular columns


Theme: material culture

Material culture and the object | Paul Caffrey

Irish material culture: the shape of the field | Paul Caffrey

'Lasting but a day': printed ephemera as material culture | Linda King

Catholicism and material culture in Ireland 1840–1880 | Lisa Godson

The problem of things | Mick Wilson

Technology and material culture:
or the art of work in the age of mechanical dysfunction
| Sorcha O'Brien


Feature article

Life is what you make of it | edited by David Blamey



Gail Ritchie: Pelt | Mic Moroney

Fergus Feehily at Green on Red | Jane Humphries

John Mathews at Ards Arts Centre | om lekha

Chris Cunningham at 5th | Lorraine Whelan

Terry McAllister at Market Place & Queen's Street Studios | Tony Bartley

There's no Accounting for Other People's Relationships | Cian Donnelly

Crawford Open 3 | Suzy O'Mullane

Harvey Jackson at Street Level, Belinda Guidi at CCA | Susannah Thompson

Aluminum at Susan Hobbs Gallery |Greg Humeniuk

Brian Maguire,Bayview Project |Katherine Thompson

Sinéad Aldridge at Model Arts and Niland | Denis Farrell

Daniel de Chenu: The Captured Moment | Gemma Tipton

Sinéad O'Donnell at fix02 | Helen Sharp

Julie McGowan: Drawing with Light | Regina Gleeson

Stars at Noon | Mark Ewart

Lynne Foster Fitzgerald: The Ties that Bind | Anne Henrichsen

Janet Mullarney: The Bermuda Triangle | Dr Kieran Cashell

Ursula Burke: The Inheritance | Miriam de Burca

Emma Louise Johnston: Scape | Treasa O'Brien

Stephan Weitzel: George in Paradise | Zoe Ellis

Victor Sloan: A Broken Surface | Elaine Murphy

Gemma Brown: Sugar–coated | Alexa Coyne

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CIRCA 104, Summer, 2003

Front cover

Update and regular columns


Feature articles

Snapshots from the Armory | Elizabeth Aders

Green screen | Maeve Connolly

"I don't want to be educated; I want to be drowned in beauty" | Gemma Tipton

Theme: word and image

Introduction | Christa–Maria Lerm Hayes

Willie Doherty: Language, imagery and the real | Paul O'Brien

Words and images most severely distorted | James Elkins

Project | Ecke Bonk


Limerick: EV+A 2003 | Kieran Cashell

Belfast: Alastair MacLennan at Ormeau Baths | David Brett

Dublin: Clare Langan at RHA | Jane Eckett

Dublin: Lorna Simpson at IMMA and Laura Gannon at Hugh Lane | Roisin Kennedy

Venice: Fergus Martin and Anthony Hobbs at Oratorio S. Ludovico | Sonia Rolak

Sligo: Tjibbe Hooghiemstra at Model Arts and Niland | Marianne O'Kane

Cork: John Shinnors at Crawford and Vangard | Jim Savage

Dublin: Alice Maher in Father Matthew Hall | Isabel Nolan

Dublin: Geraldine O'Neill at Kevin Kavanagh | John Turpin

Derry: Resident at Context | Marianne O'Kane

Cork: Losing it | Alannah Hopkin

Lifford: Felim Egan | Huib Fens

Letterkenny: Jan Voster | Declan Sheehan

Carlow: Finola Jones | Orla Ryan

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CIRCA 105, Autumn, 2003

Front cover

Update and regular columns


Feature articles

Superficial art | Paul O'Brien

Ireland complex |Brian Kennedy

Theme: New York

Why NY? |Gemma Tipton

Why NY?: Money for something? | Rob Alexis

Why NY?: Only the exaggerations are true | Sina Najafi

Why NY?: Twinkler | Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn

Why NY?: History of a show | Corban Walker

The art market in New York:
some thoughts on venture capitalism
Megan Johnston

Whispering architecture | Gemma Tipton

Behind the eight ball | Allyson Spellacy

Monumental | Paddy Johnson

In print |Keane A. Pepper

In the shadow of the World Trade Center | Elizabeth Aders

Project | Mark Orange


New York: The American effect | William Powhida

New York: H2o at Danese | Laurence Hegarty

Venice Biennale: Katie Holten | Fiona Kearney

Venice Biennale: Wales and Scotland | Nathalie Weadick

Venice Biennale: technology | John Gerrard

Belfast: Golden Mile | Ruth Jones

Dublin: Mary Kelly at Royal Hibernian Academy | Catherine Lyons

Belfast: One Place Twice at Golden Thread | Julie Bacon

Dublin, Cork, Sligo: Outsider Art in Ireland | Peter Haining

Limerick: Padraig Cunningham at Beltable | Paul Aherne

Dublin: Dan Shipsides at Temple Bar | Alan Phelan

Belfast: Conor McFeely at Ormeau Baths | Julie Bacon

Dublin: Garrett Phelan at Pallas Heights | Declan Long

Dublin: Gary Hume at Irish Museum of Modern Art | Damien Duffy

Dublin: Spiritus at Douglas Hyde | om lekha

Blanchardstown: Rita Jokiranta at Draíocht | Emma Donaldson

Leeds: Liadin Cooke at Henry Moore Institute | Padraig Timoney

Belfast: Connor Caffrey at Golden Thread | Gregory McCartney

Limerick: Brian Kennedy at Limerick City Gallery | Sean Taylor

Dublin: Bridget Riley | Tanya Kiang

Dublin: Eugenio Percossi | Gemma Tipton

Blanchardstown: Dara McGrath | Justin Carville

Derry: Patrick Bradly and Peter Hughes at Context | Damien Duffy

Cork: Nigel Rolfe at Crawford and St. Finn Barre's | Mark Ewart

Dublin: Axel Boesten at Gallery of Photography | Declan Sheehan

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CIRCA 106, Winter, 2003

Front cover

Update and regular columns


Theme: art and film

Cocteau: Il était une fois | James Armstrong

Art and film: an unruly dialogue | Mick Wilson

Excluded by the Nature of Things?
Irish cinema and artist's film
| Maeve Connolly

Project: The car called the Manager | Brian Hand
(additional photography credit: Ros Kavanagh)

n.i.–film–art–docu–drama | Declan Sheehan

Retelling History from Lost Sources | Orla Ryan

Feature articles

The state of Irish Art History | James Elkins

"Museums patronise, isolate and neutrailse artists" | Gemma Tipton


Paris: Dead Bodies at Centre Cultural Irlandais | Jim Smith

Belfast: And the One Doesn't Stir Without the Other at the Ormeau Baths | Suzanna Chan

Edinburgh: After Image at Fruitmarket Gallery | Graham Domke

Bristol: Lucy Gunning | Victoria Walters

Portadown: Alice Maher at Millennium Court Arts Centre | Cherie Driver

Dundee: Claire Barclay at Dundee Contemporary Arts | Kevin Henderson

Inishowen: Beacon head>land at Fort Dunree| Amanda McKittrick

Derry: Consuming Identities at Context Gallery and Workhouse Museum | Colin Darke

Dublin: Woollenmaiden Hús at project | Gemma Tipton

Rome: Think Over at Rialto Santambrogio | Richard Read

Sligo: Vivienne Roche at Model Arts and Niland Gallery | Barbara Dunne

The Day's All Mine, by Heather Allen | Leontia Flynn

Cork: Daphne Wright at Crawford | Alannah Hopkin

Belfast: Perspective 2003 at the Ormeau Baths | Duncan Ross

Derry: Ciarán O'Doherty at Context | Damien Duffy

Dublin: Dearcadh: Visionaries of 1791–1803 in Kilmainham Gaol | Luke Clancy

Dublin: Superbia at l l Coultry Gardens, Ballymun | Caoimhin Mac Giolla Leith

London: Breda Breban at St. Augustine's Tower and 99 Hoxton Street |Sinisa Mitrovic

Belfast: John Duncan at Belfast Exposed | Colin Graham

Lisbon: Veneer / Folheado at Zé dos Bois | Hernani Marcelino

Kilkenny: Ursula von Rydingsvard at Butler Gallery | Pauline O'Connell

Belfast: Veneer / Folheado at Catalyst | Stephen Hackett

Manchester: Grace Weir at Cornerhouse | Fionna Barber

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CIRCA 107, Spring, 2004

Front cover

Update and regular columns


Theme: visual identity

Visual identity of cultural institutions in France and Ireland | Bharain Mac an Bhreithiun

Engendering the sublime: Margaret Corcoran's An Enquiry | Luke Gibbons

A life in relief: Brendon Deacy's work–in–process inspired by the life and times of Michael Davitt | Brendon Deacy

Symbols of authority | Ciaran Swan

Celtic Kitsch: Irish–America and Irish material culture | Stephanie Rains

The cultural analysis of leisure: tourism and travels in Co. Donegal | Angela Mehegan

Feature article

Dislocate, regenerate and flow: globalisation's impact on art practice | Regina Gleeson


Galway: Aisling O'Beirn at Tulca Arts Festival | Marie-Louise Blaney

Belfast: Mary McIntyre at Golden Thread | Suzanna Chan

Belfast: Blue Watch at Golden Thread| Cherie Driver

Limerick: Tina O'Connell at City Art Gallery |Sean Lynch

Dublin: Amy O'Riordan at Kevin Kavanagh and Abigail O'Brien at Rubicon | Liz Aders

Manchester: Transformation | Debbie Roy

New York: John Kindness at Littlejohn Contemporary | Laurence Hegarty

Derry: Sara Greave and Elizabeth McGlynn at Context | Colin Darke

Dublin: City and Elsewhere from here at Workroom | Gemma Tipton

Dublin: Daedal(us) by Esther Sgalev–Gerz | Jason Oakley

Newcastle upon Tyne: Space between us at VANE | Stephen Palmer

Belfast: Colourchart at Ormeau Baths / John Kingerlee at Taylor Gallery | Robert Peters

Newtownards: The Silent Scene | Gavin Weston

Cardiff: Afterlife at Chapter | Jennie Savage

Sligo: Frances Hegarty at Model Arts and Niland | Marianne O'Kane

Cork: Crawford Open 4 at Crawford | Mark Ewart

Dublin: Siobhán Hapaska at Kerlin | Julie Bacon

Dundee: Plunder at Dundee Contemporary Arts | Kevin Henderson

Derry: Allan Hughes at Context | Ciaran O Dochartaigh

Waterford: Arrival at Waterford Regional Hospital | Treasa O'Brien

Belfast: Showreel at Queen Street Studios | John Mathews

Dublin: Langlands and Bell at Irish Museum of Modern Art | om lekha

Kilkenny: Comerford, Vaughan, Flannery and Landweer at Butler | Sarah Browne

Blanchardstown: Fabien Verschaere at Draíocht | Alan Phelan

Cork: Robert O'Connor at Triskel | Alannah Hopkin

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CIRCA 108, Summer, 2004

Front cover

Update and regular columns


Theme: collectors and collecting

Introduction | Liz Aders

Project: Making do | Glenn Loughran

Enigma variations: collecting 'new media' | Noel Sheridan

On collectability | Fergus McCaffrey

The digital collector | Gemma Tipton

How to collect | Anya von Gosseln

Project: Visual essay | Liz Aders

Under the hammer– collecting at auction in Ireland | Jane Eckett

From storeroom to showroom | Nathalie Weadick

Purging that sentiment d'incomplitude | Peter Murray

Feature article

Dislocate, renegotiate and flow – Part ll: the practice of process | Regina Gleeson


After Accumulator by Andrew Stones


Dublin: John Brennan at Hallward | Eimear McKeith

Madrid: ARCO | Jo Milne

Dublin: Seamus Harahan at Project | Andrew Kelly

Dublin: Mary Rose Binchy at Green on Red | Ciara Healy

Dublin: Salla Tykka at Meeting House Square | Catherine Lyons

London: A Kind of Bliss at Drawing Room | Tobi Maier

New York: John Waters at New Museum | Matthew Garrison

Southampton : New British Painting at John Hansard | Rosemary Shirley

Belfast: Claire Morgan at Lagan Lookout | Cherie Driver

Cork: Daphne Wright and Johnny Hanrahan at various locations | Niamh Lawlor

Calgary: Dianne Bos at Truck | Janet Naclia

Dublin: Paul Doran at Green on Red | Mary Theresa Keown

Belfast: Dan Shipsides at Golden Thread | Slavka Sverakova

Limerick: EV+A | Ciara Finnegan

London: Donald Judd at Tate Modern | Aaron Moulton

London: Extended Painting at Victoria Miro | Craig Staff

Bray: Helena Gorey at Mermaid | Sarah Browne

Edinburgh: Incommunicado at City Arts Centre | Ruth Hedges

London: Marta Marce at Mobile Home | Arthur Cravan

Lapland: The Show Show | Neil Robert

Munich: Abigail O'Brien at Haus der Kunst | Birgit Sonna

Belfast: aimnín at Ormeau Baths' | John Mathews


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CIRCA 109, Autumn, 2004

Front cover

Update and regular columns


Theme: painting

Painting in Ireland now | Aidan Dunne

Suburban landscapes | Sarah Browne

Why nothing can be accomplished in painting, and why it is important to keep trying |James Elkins

Why paint? A vox pop

Project: Nevan Lahart: Nevan Lahart is circasized

Material matters: the conservation of modern art |Mary McGrath

Surveying contemporary painting |Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith


Aotearoa / New Zealand | Brian Kennedy

Feature article

Dislocate, renegotiate and flow – part lll: the mercurial curatorial | Regina Gleeson


Cork: Jaakko Niemelä at Crawford | Mark Ewart

Belfast: Revealing Objects at the Naughton Gallery at Queen's | Cherie Driver

Donald Kuspit: The End of Art | Emmet Cole

Cardiff: Aint no Love in the Heat of the City at Green on Red | Hannah Firth

Tinahely: Tricia Cunningham and Rhoda Cunningham at Tinahely Courthouse | Anne Henrichsen

Dublin: John Noel Smith at Green on Red | Jacqui McIntosh

Gateshead: Susan Hiller at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art | Paul Stone

Cobh: Mick O'Shea at Sirius Arts Centre | Alannah Hopkin

Coney Island: The Dreamland Artist Club | Megan Heuer

Glasgow: Beverley Hood at Street Level Photoworks | Kirstie Skinner

Cork: Brian Harte at Form | Alannah Hopkin

Newtownards: Mary Modeen | Angela Darby

Bray: Pin at Signal Arts Centre | Alison Pilkington

Dublin: Artists – Books at the Workroom | Jason Oakley

Hangzhou: 6 x 6 for Ireland at 411 Gallery | Arvo Bruene

Kilkenny: Free from the Itch of Desire at Butler Gallery | Sarah Browne

Dublin: Yoshihiro Suda and Takehito Koganezawa at Douglas Hyde Gallery | Gemma Tipton

Belfast: C–Zine at Catalyst | Aisling O'Beirn

Dublin: Aoife Collins at Goethe–Institut | Felicity Ford

Dublin: Sophie Calle at Irish Museum of Modern Art | Catherine Lyons

New York: Peter Hendrick at Schroeder Romero | Laurence Hegarty

Dublin: Varvara Shavrova at Cross Gallery | Ciara Healy

Derry: Mary T. O'Neill at Context Gallery | Greg McCartney

Belfast: Claudio Hils at Belfast Exposed | John Mathews

Dublin: NCAD Fine Art Degree Show | John Gerrard

Belfast: Gary Show at Golden Thread Gallery | Robert Peters

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CIRCA 110, Winter, 2004

Front cover

Update and regular columns


Feature articles

Worth waiting for? | Gemma Tipton

Curating now | Regina Gleeson

Theme: art / people

Fine Artist – Fine Fishermen, or the educational function of art within a public and social context | Mhairi Sutherland

The role of artist in art education, at a community level |Heather Floyd

Vox Pop: "how do the arts extend education beyond the expected institutions of school and family?"|Helen O'Donoghue

Art education – intrinsic purpose or political agenda? |Pauline Hadaway

WheelWorks Multiple Realities Project November 2003 – October 2004


by Áine Phillips



Linz: Ars Electronica | Paul O'Brien

Dublin: Marking the Underpass at the Vaults | Aaron Lister

Gateshead: Elizabeth Magill at BALTIC | Marianne 0'Kane

Dublin: Josef Müller–Brockmann at Image Now | Linda King

Belfast: Catherine McWilliams at Naughton Gallery |Niamh McNamara

Bray: Reiltín Murphy at Signal Arts Centre |Lorraine Whelan

Derry: Jenifer Youell at Context Galleries | Sarah Greavu

Cork: The Raw, not the Cooked at Fenton Gallery | Alannah Hopkin

Limerick: Jack Donovan / Tom Fitzgerald at Limerick City Gallery |Ciara Finnegan

Belfast: Willie McKeown at Golden Thread | Ian Charlesworth

Dublin: Mark Cullen at Pallas Heights | Gemma Tipton

Kilkenny: Four Artists and I at Butler Gallery | Pauline O'Connell

Joyce in Art, Lilliput Press, 2004 | Slavka Sverakova

Dublin: Maria Simonds–Gooding at Taylor Galleries | Eimear McKeith

Dublin: Juan Uslé at Irish Museum of Modern Art | Cian Donnelly

Dublin: Joyce in Art at the RHA | Noel Sheridan

Blanchardstown: Mary Burke at Draíocht | Sarah Browne

CD: Ian Breakwell: Vocals | Noel Sheridan

Sligo: Maud Cotter at Model: Niland | Regina Gleeson

Belfast: Perspective 2004 at Ormeau Baths Gallery | Cristin Leach

São Paulo: Bienal | Ruth Carrol

Bray: Feargus Cooney at Signal Arts Centre |Mark Swords

Dublin: Noel Henzy at Ivy House | Emer Marron

Lifford: Eamon O'Kane at Cavanacor Gallery | Slavka Sverakova

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